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What is a cataract?

A cataract is the clouding or yellowing of the eyes natural crystalline lens. This lens inside of the eye is about the size and shape of an m&m candy. The crystalline lens helps focus light onto the back of the retina. When this clear lens develops a cataract, it can cause visual problems or vision loss.

At our Fort Collins and Denver cataract surgery centers, we see cataract patients often. Cataracts are a very common condition that can be caused by several reasons including eye trauma and diabetes, but are most often associated with aging. In fact, according to the National Eye Institute, by age 80, more than half of all Americans either have a cataract or have had cataract surgery.

How does a cataract affect your vision?

  • Gradual Loss Of Color Saturation, Colors Seem Faded.
  • Blurry Or Cloudy Vision.
  • Poor Or Decreased Vision.
  • Difficulty Driving At Night. Glares And Halos Are Often Noticeable Around. Headlights And Streetlights.
  • Frequent Prescription Changes.
  • Double Vision.

Do You Have A Cataract?

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Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States. In the hands of a highly educated and experienced cataract surgeon, such as Dr. Paul Cutarelli with surgery centers in Fort Collins and Denver Tech Center. Cataract surgery has evolved into to a state-of-the-art procedure, involving no shots, no stitches, and no patches. During the cataract removal procedure, the eye’s natural lens is liquefied using a process called phacoemulsification that gently breaks up and removes the cloudy lens out through a micro-sized incision. Then a tiny replacement lens implant is inserted inside the eye to replace the old lens. The lens implant is inserted through the smallest incision possible in a folded position. It then opens up to take its proper place inside the lens capsule. With today’s advancements in lens technology, such as the premium lens implant design, many of our cataract patients see both near and far with little to no dependency on reading glasses or bifocals.

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Cutarelli Vision offers cataract surgery in Denver and Fort Collins. Dr. Paul Cutarelli has performed cataract surgery for patients throughout Colorado including Englewood, Colorado Spring, Aurora, Boulder, Longmont, Lakewood, Littleton, Loveland, Greeley, Brighton and more. For our cataract surgery patients in Cheyenne Wyoming, our Fort Collins Eye surgery center is only 45 minutes away. Now offer laser cataract surgery, let Dr. Paul Cutarelli provide better vision with cataract removal surgery.

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