Cataract Test

Cataracts Self Evaluation Test for ColoradoCutarelli Vision offers a full range of vision correction options in Englewood and Fort Collins. We choose the optimum vision correction procedure or solution to suit individual needs. To help you learn if you might be a good candidate for cataract surgery, please complete the form below. Our coordinator will explain your results to you, as well as the logical next step for your vision.

To best help us understand your condition, please fill out this questionnaire completely.
Questions marked with * are required.

This short questionnaire is NOT a substitute for a proper medical examination and is simply a guide to help you work out if cataract surgery should be on your ‘to do’ list. The only way to know if cataract surgery is right for your eyes is to have a thorough cataract surgery evaluation.

Urgent or private medical information should NOT be sent by e-mail or via our web page. E-mail and web page inquiries are usually reviewed within 1-2 business days. Please read disclaimer below form.


Medical Emergencies must call the office 303-486-2020 or 970-225-2300 for the doctor on call. If you are unable to establish a dialog with Dr. Cutarelli’s office in these cases, please urgently seek the nearest ophthalmologist or emergency room.

Dr. Cutarelli’s office will endeavor to promptly respond to your inquiry, but should you have an eye emergency, such as sudden loss of vision, sudden onset of severe eye pain, or sudden onset of severe eye redness,you will need urgent attention.

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