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Allegretto Wavelight Laser

Englewood Allegretto Wavelight Laser - LASIK Technology

The State-of-the-art Allegretto Wavelight Laser takes an innovative approach to laser vision correction. This technology can reduce or eliminate glare and halos at night. It is also fitted with a tracking system to make sure each pulse of laser energy is precisely delivered.

The Allegretto WaveLight utilizes PerfectPulse Technology™, which is responsible for the speed, precision, and safety of the laser. This control can track the eye’s movement 200 times per second. Every few milliseconds, the eye is measured and the Allegretto WaveLight automatically aligns itself, immediately before the laser pulse is delivered. If the eye moves, the laser pulse moves, if the eye moves too much, the laser can pause. LASIK was highly successful even before the advent of eyetracking which has made it that much safer.

Unlike other lasers, the Allegretto WaveLight adjusts to the patient’s corneal eye curvature. This allows for corneal reshaping in the patter of a smooth spherical curve, an improvement over most if not all other excimer laser systems.

This technology also has the largest corneal correction zone in excimer laser vision correction. The Wavelight Allegretto with its wavefront optimized pattern, reduces or eliminates glare and haloes in patients with large pupils. No other laser can match this feature or achieve this result.

CustomVue® Wavefront-guided LASIK

Englewood Fort Collins CustomVue LASIK

CustomVue LASIK uses WaveScan® digital technology to improve the visual outcomes of LASIK. Originally developed for the Hubble Space Telescope to reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space, WaveScan technology can identify, measure and correct imperfections in your eyes 25 times more precisely than with standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses. First, a patient will have a Wavescan measurement to get measure any amounts of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Then, the laser captures the “unique” imperfections in the eye that cause glare, halo or other abnormalities. This detailed information is transferred to the laser, allowing Dr. Cutarelli to map and correct your eye’s optical imperfections with precision.

Wavefront LASIK

Wavefront-guided LASIK Englewood

Wavefront-guided LASIK is personalized for you, resulting in sharper, clearer vision and reduced risk of side effects such as glare, night vision difficulties, and halos which can sometimes occur following standard LASIK procedures.

    An FDA clinical study showed the following results from patients 12 months after undergoing Custom LASIK:

  • 100% could pass a driving test without glasses or contact lenses
  • 98% could see 20/20 or better without glasses or contact lenses
  • 70% could see better than 20/20 without glasses or contact lenses

Intralase Femtosecond Laser

Intralase All-laser LASIK

All-laser LASIK flap creation systems are not created equal! LASIK is a two-step process. The first step involves creating a protective corneal flap and the second step involves using an excimer laser to reshape the cornea to the desired shape to give you good uncorrected vision. At Cutarelli Vision, we perform bladeless LASIK and LASIK with a microkeratome. We feel that Blade-Free All-Laser Intralase is the safest and most precise form of vision correction. Although a blade or “microkeratome” is very safe, the Intralase can be safer. Because Intralase can make extremely precise, thin protective flaps, Blade-Free LASIK also allows Dr. Cutarelli to perform LASIK on patients who would not have been a candidate due to thin corneas.

The Intralase Femtosecond (FS) LASER is used to create the corneal flap. We are pleased with the amazing precision offered by the bladeless LASIK with Intralase machine, and hope we can pass along this great precision in the vision of our patients.

Eyes treated with the IntraLase have fewer visual errors (haze, glare, sensitivity), less discomfort, and less dryness than a microkeratome. The Intralase offers flaps of precise thickness, and greater control of the flap design, which reduces risks, while producing superior visual outcomes.

Moria M2 Microkeratome


Microkeratomes have the longest track record for the creation of the LASIK flap. The Moria M2 microkeratome has been exquisitely designed by an ophthalmic device company in France with over 150 years of history. The Moria M2 creates the thin protective flap in the cornea during the initial step of a LASIK procedure. The Moria M2 has perhaps the best predictabilty for flap quality, precision, and accuracy.

A 2003 study by Jaime Javaloy, MD, PhD, Maria T. Vidal, MD, Antonio Quinto, OA, Victoria de Rojas, MD, PhD, and Jorge L. Alió, MD, PhD showed that the Moria M2 microkeratome had overall better predictability in flap thickness and the apparent quality over the Hansatome or the ACS. Most microkeratome study data and anecdotal opinion is based on the inferior performance of the Hansatome microkeratome and should not be extrapolated to the Moria M2 microkeratome, which has superior performance over other microkeratomes particularly for eyes with previous radial keratotomy (RK). Moria M2 in highly experienced hands will perform as well as femtosecond flap creation devices. Dr. Cutarelli has perhaps the most experience in Colorado with Moria microkeratomes.

Lifetime Assurance Plan for LASIK and LASEK*

LASIK is a very predictable procedure that is usually last a lifetime. But, nothing in life is predictable, and that’s why Cutarelli Vision offers the Lifetime Assurance Plan. So with this offer, if your vision changes in such a way that laser vision correction can be performed, you’ll have the comfort of knowing Dr. Cutarelli will perform that laser enhancement on you absolutely free.

*Please see complete terms and conditions for the Lifetime Assurance Plan

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