Sandra J.

I would like to thank Dr. Cutarelli, as well as his caring staff, for all their work in making my son’s collagen cross-linking procedure for keratoconus a success.  Because my son has disabilities, the procedure was more difficult than the average patient. I was very impressed with the fact that they took so much extra time and care to accommodate his disabilities.  They worked very hard to put his fears at rest and make the process as comfortable as possible for him. Thank you so much!

Tom A.

My experience at Cutarelli Vision has far exceeded any expectations. Because of insurance requirements I was referred by my primary doctor and I was quite apprehensive about the cataract procedures.  From the first appointment through the final check ups the entire staff has made my experience stress free and enjoyable. Unlike many medical offices,  Dr.  Cutarelli has assembled a staff that actually listens to patients and puts their needs first.  The efficiency and friendliness of the team has truly been incredible handling any issues or fears  professionally.  Dr. Cutarelli , while very busy with two offices, surgery, and running a business, takes the time to put his patients at ease and Dr. Holly Anderson is amazing.  Without hesitation I highly recommend Cutarelli Vision. (Tom had cataract surgery in both eyes.)

Debi McFarland

Englewood, Colorado

I was told about Dr. Cutarelli by my best friend’s co-worker. I had been told I was either too old, or because of slight astigmatism, I was not a candidate for LASIK. To my delight, I came here and after an examination I found out that I qualified for CK. I had some anxiety, but the staff and Dr. Cutarelli made me feel very comfortable. The procedure took less than 2 minutes. My eyesight was improved the minute I sat up. It was amazing! I had a big smile on my face. The staff is great. The follow up care is also great. Very attentive. I was also impressed that Dr. Cutarelli himself checked on me afterwards. I recommend him to everyone!!”


Linda Lane

Englewood, Colorado

Dr. Paul Cutarelli performed CK on me about 4 months ago. Before CK I couldn’t even read the numbers on my watch, let alone anything else. I work for the Post Office and I need to be able to read names and addresses and also at the same time be able to see across the room. Believe me, with bifocals that wasn’t an easy task. Thanks to Dr. Cutarelli and CK, I can now do both without having to put on glasses. I couldn’t believe that as soon as I sat up from my procedure I could read even the smallest print without my glasses. Driving at night has been wonderful. Oncoming headlights use to bother me, but now they aren’t so blinding, making it much easier and safer for me at night. CK is great for anyone who has to worry about always having a pair of glasses in their bag when leaving home. I carried my old glasses for about a week then gave them to the Gift of Sight because I no longer needed them.


Erin Zahradka

Broomfield, Colorado

My LASIK went great! Dr. Cutarelli made me feel very comfortable, answered all of my questions (and I came armed with about fifty!), and talked me through the whole procedure, which literally only took a minute or so. I saw great the next day, and even better as the weeks went on! Dr. Cutarelli’s open with his education, his experience, and his opinions and I felt very informed before I committed. Thanks, Dr. Cutarelli!”


Tyler Dokken, Real Estate Broker

Englewood, Colorado

My whole experience with Dr. Paul E. Cutarelli and laser eye surgery couldn’t have been better. I was dependent on contacts and now I see 20/20 since the surgery. I was very impressed with Dr. Cutarelli’s professionalism and confidence. I would highly recommend the caring Dr. Cutarelli for anyone considering surgery. Feel free to contact me anytime about my experience.”

Tanya Knight, Pharmacist

Englewood, Colorado

I traveled from Detroit to have LASIK surgery with Dr. Cutarelli. It was the best thing that I have done for myself! My vision is fantastic and I recommend him fully.

The Malouff, Gallegos, Padilla, Ruybal, Lobato and Gonzales families. Jerry Gallegos, Linda Gallegos, Lucinda Gallegos, Tony Gallegos, Valerie Gallegos, Louise Malouff, Philip Malouff, Ronnie Malouff, Stephen Malouff, Theresa Malouff, and Timothy Malouff

Englewood, Colorado

On behalf of myself, my family and relatives, we would like to express our greatest gratitude towards the excellent treatment we received while in your care. We are all pleased with the end results of our laser eye surgery. Because of the excellent treatment given to my family and myself, I would widely recommend other interested clients to Dr. Cutarelli.

Leonard Walterscheid, Former NFL Football Player

(Chicago Bears & Buffalo Bills)

I would like to extend my appreciation to Dr. Cutarelli and his staff for their excellence in customer service and care in perfecting my vision. As a former NFL Chicago Bear and Buffalo Bill I would have given anything to have had LASIK surgery and improved vision when I was playing. I love not having to wear glasses anymore!!”

Dear Dr. Cutarelli and staff of Cutarelli Vision Center,

Thank you so much for the gift of sight! I had been in strong prescription transition lenses for some years, and the implant of ReStore lenses has made my vision 20/25, and I now have no need for corrective glasses.

I am a “sporting” person involved in tennis, golf and other outdoor activities, and was worried about monovision lense concept with the things I enjoy. Tennis is better, tracking ball very good. I will let you know later about golf.

I play piano, do lots of computer applications and enjoy reading. New eyes are working for all.

And one more important thing – I have never had surgery of any kind, and have been blessed with very good health, and thus very great fear of medical procedures. Dr. Cutarelli’s personality and caring pre-op time with me assured me some comfort level with going forward with the process. Soft spoken, competent, experienced – I cannot say enough. Skill attested by the results. Procedure quick, painless, “walk in walk out” and have a great day!

Thank you so much and have a wonderful coming year – I certainly will!