Second Opinion

As a leader in cornea, cataracts, and refractive surgery in Colorado, Dr. Cutarelli frequently sees patients that are looking for a second opinion on their diagnoses or to evaluate their outcomes after eye surgery.

Expert Second Opinion Evaluations

If you think you’ve been diagnosed incorrectly with an eye disease or need confirmation about your candidacy for an eye surgery procedure, we invite you to contact Cutarelli Vision. We welcome you to come in for an evaluation of your vision with one of the most experienced eye surgeons in North America.

When it comes to eye exams, patients may need to get a second opinion in order to get a correct and thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. There are two reasons why patients sometimes go to another eye doctor for a second opinion; one is the broad range of issues relating to the eyes and the other doctor’s diagnosis.

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A Few Considerations for Second Opinions

  • The eyes and general health conditions of each individual are different and unique, and there are times when even a highly trained specialist cannot improve a person’s vision.
  • If you are not satisfied with your physician’s response to your concerns or questions about your vision, consider getting a second opinion.
  • Sometimes a different doctor can offer a new perspective or explanation about a particular situation or course of treatment.

Other Possible Reasons to Seek a Second Opinion:

  • Do you notice a flaring distortion around light sources?
  • Do you have to squint in order to read?
  • Are you sensitive to light?
  • Does your eye itch frequently?
  • Do contact lenses sometimes fall out of your eyes?
  • Do you see ‘ghost’ images, i.e. multiple images of something spread in a random pattern?
  • Have you experienced sudden flashes and floaters?