Dropless Cataract Surgery

Dropless Cataract Surgery Logo Cutarelli Vision offers its patients “Dropless” cataract surgery. This new option allows patients undergoing cataract surgery to reduce or eliminate their need for traditional eye drops. Eye drops can be extremely frustrating to put into the eye and difficult to track. In addition, these drops can be very expensive and aren’t traditionally covered by insurance. With Dropless cataract surgery, patients can virtually eliminate their need for bothersome post-operative drops. This not only helps with cost and the time required to instill drops, but also helps eliminate the chance of being non-compliant with post surgical eye drops, which could potentially be harmful to your vision.

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Dr. Cutarelli performs Dropless cataract surgery by placing a small amount of medications in the eye during your cataract procedure.  This medication is made up of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which help the eye heal and reduces the chance for infection.

This option is available for the majority of patients having cataract surgery at Cutarelli Vision. However, some patients may not be a good candidate and will have to use traditional eye drops. At your cataract exam, ask Dr. Cutarelli which discuss which option is the best for your eyes.

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