Our Technology

At Cutarelli Vision, we provide the safety of the All-Laser Technology and combine it with  the precision of wavefront guided LASIK. We offer multiple laser technologies to help our patients gain their personal best vision.

Custom LASIK Treatment Exclusive

Allegretto Wavelight Laser

Allegretto Wavelight Laser - LASIK Technology Denver Colorado

The Allegretto WaveLight utilizes PerfectPulse Technology™, which is responsible for the speed, precision, and safety of the laser. This control can track the eye’s movement 200 times per second. Every few milliseconds, the eye is measured and the Allegretto WaveLight automatically aligns itself, immediately before the laser pulse is delivered. If the eye moves, the laser pulse moves, if the eye moves too much, the laser can pause. LASIK was highly successful even before the advent of eyetracking which has made it that much safer.

The State-of-the-art Allegretto Wavelight Laser takes an innovative approach to laser vision correction. This technology can reduce or eliminate glare and halos at night. It is also fitted with a tracking system to make sure each pulse of laser energy is precisely delivered. Unlike other lasers, the Allegretto WaveLight adjusts to the patient’s corneal eye curvature. This allows for corneal reshaping in the patter of a smooth spherical curve, an improvement over most if not all other excimer laser systems.

This technology also has the largest corneal correction zone in excimer laser vision correction. The Wavelight Allegretto with its wavefront optimized pattern, reduces or eliminates glare and haloes in patients with large pupils. No other laser can match this feature or achieve this result.

VISX Star S4

The VISX Star S4™ is an excimer laser manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. The Star S4™ laser is FDA approved to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This amazing piece of technology contains the 3D ActiveTrak™ eye tracker, which tracks horizontal, vertical and up and down motion of the eye in real time, which allows every laser pulse to be more precise, even with eye movement.

The VISX Star S4™ includes Iris Registration technology. This allows for increased precision, especially for patients who have astigmatism. With Iris Registration, each and every laser pulse is targeted and delivered with unsurpassed precision.


Clinical Studies

The results of the FDA’s clinical study on visual acuity show that 6 months after the VISX CustomVue™ procedure:

  • 100% of patients could see 20/40 or better
  • 98% achieved 20/20 or better
  • 70% were 20/16 or better


Overall, many patients were pleased with their quality of vision, with four times as many patients satisfied with their night vision when compared to wearing their glasses or contacts.