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Dr. Cutarelli was the first LASIK surgeon in the Denver area to offer his patients All Laser LASIK – utilizing the most exciting combination of technological LASIK advancements, delivering the best possible visual outcomes and the sharpest laser vision correction possible. Cutarelli Vision is a leader in LASIK surgery in Colorado. People travel from across the country to receive our expert care.

Denver Tech Center: 303-486-2020 | Fort Collins: 970-225-2300

"I'm a doctor, so finding a doctor I could trust with my vision was important. Dr. Cutarelli's credentials were impressive! Now, thanks to Dr. C, my vision after LASIK is amazing." "Prior to LASIK, I had to wear contact lenses or glasses and it was difficult to perform in the sports I enjoy like skiing and scuba diving. After having LASIK surgery at Cutarelli Vison, I have recommended them to many of my own colleagues, and they have also been very impressed."
Rick Lopez, MD Physician Review
"Over the past three years, Dr. Cutarelli has consistently sent my patients back to me thrilled, not only with their vision, but with their experience as well. I have sent him many challenging cases and have never been disappointed by the outcome. In fact, I even sent my mother to him for cataract surgery!"
Dr. Garwood, OD Doctor Review
"When I was diagnosed with a cataract in my left eye, I was referred to Dr. Cutarelli. From the start, he and his staff were attentive, capable, and efficient. I was able to experience dropless cataract surgery - one of the latest advancements in cataract removal. My surgery went quickly and smoothly - and on day one my eye was clear and corrected to 20/20 vision!"
Monte F. healthgrades Review
My Lasik eye surgery was so much easier then I thought it would be & absolutely painless! My sight is so clear now, I am truly amazed at the results. I only had to ware glasses for the past 3yrs & hated it more then words can say. I'm so happy that I finally met with Dr. Cutarelli & his staff & had the surgery. I can't say enough about their outstanding service & professionalism.
Darrell J. healthgrades Review
I was VERY against doing Lasik surgery and I was very nervous about my wife doing the surgery. I told my wife that I would never do it! But after going with her to all of her appointments and the surgery appointment and then seeing how well her lasik turned out, I changed my mind. I was so impressed with Dr. Cutarelli and his team. They are very professional and caring and answered all of my questions over and over again. I am so glad I don't have to wear glasses any more.
Mark healthgrades Review
Beautiful facility located in the Belleview Tower. Staff is friendly, proactive, and efficient. Dr. Paul is engaging and takes time to explain options & procedures thoroughly. Pricing is fair - I'm having "enhanced" lasik to refine vision after first having the surgery done 12 years ago. The office features the new Wavefront laser technology which I am using for my procedure.
Chris E. Yelp Review
I cannot believe waited at all for this life changing experience. My husband, My daughter and I all had Lasik. My husband and I had mono vision done (no reading glasses). We are extremely happy. My husband and I both had touch ups because it was a tad off. Monovision is tricky but DR. Cutarelli is by far the most amazing dr. If you go elsewhere you won't deal with a board certified John Hopkins Trained Surgeon.
Julie F. Yelp Review
I just had LASIK last week and loved it! I was very skeptical as I've had glasses most of my life (35+ years) and was nervous of the long term effects. Dr. Cutarelli explained the procedure and I immediately felt calm and relaxed. I'm in my mid-40s and did mono vision done. It took some time to adjust but so relieved to know I will not need to wear reading glasses. The office staff was really friendly and made me feel at ease. Save your money and invest in Lasik!!
Carol K. Yelp Review
Dr. Cutarelli performed LASIK on myself after doing my husband's LASIK 2 years prior. It was a great experience with a fabulous staff! Would highly recommend Dr. Cutarelli! If you're hesitant for the procedure, don't be! My only complaint is that I should have done this sooner 🙂
Kellie Black Google Review
I came here hesitant of getting surgery on my eyes but as soon as I was helped by Dr. Cutarellis staff I changed my mind. I got my surgery on a Friday, they were so helpful in everything I wanted to know. They helped me really great after my surgery also. They are super friendly and they do everything very well. I love being able to see everything now!! I can shave perfectly it's amazing!!!!!!!!
Amayrani Galarza Google Review
I am so pleased with the results of my LASIK! I almost went with a big chain because it was a bit cheaper but I'm so happy I didn't . Customer service was wonderful, the surgery went very smooth and I have had no problems or complaints.
Aleesha Sweeney Google Review
The staff was very friendly and answered any questions I had. The surgery was short and easy. Started out with 20/100 vision and now I am 20/20. Dr. Cutarelli explained everything that would happen prior to surgery and it went just as he explained. Couldn't be happier!
Conor Dea Google Review
I'm very happy with my vision. The staff are friendly and helpful. The surgery itself was ridiculously fast, painless, and straightforward. It was over in a flash and left me feeling like "really, that's it?" It's now been four months and my vision is perfect (actually, better than 20/20).
Tim Solley Google Review
I was told about Dr. Cutarelli by my best friend's co-worker. I had been told I was either too old, or because of slight astigmatism, I was not a candidate for LASIK. To my delight, I came here and after an examination I found out that I qualified for CK. I had some anxiety, but the staff and Dr. Cutarelli made me feel very comfortable. The procedure took less than 2 minutes. My eyesight was improved the minute I sat up.
Debi M. Online
My experience at Cutarelli Vision has far exceeded any expectations. Because of insurance requirements I was referred by my primary doctor and I was quite apprehensive about the cataract procedures.  From the first appointment through the final check ups the entire staff has made my experience stress free and enjoyable. Unlike many medical offices, 
Tom A. Online
I would like to thank Dr. Cutarelli, as well as his caring staff, for all their work in making my son’s collagen cross-linking procedure for keratoconus a success.  Because my son has disabilities, the procedure was more difficult than the average patient. I was very impressed with the fact that they took so much extra time and care to accommodate his disabilities.  They worked very hard to put his fears at rest and make the process as comfortable as possible for him. Thank you so much!
Sandra J. Online

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