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OptiWave Refractive Analysis

ORA Technology For Post Refractive Surgery Patients

If you have had previous Radial Keratomy (RK) or LASIK vision correction surgery, then the visual outcome of cataract surgery can be a bit more challenging for your surgeon.  Patients that undergo cataract surgery have their cloudy “cataract” lens removed and replaced with an artificial lens. After being diagnosed with a cataract, Dr. Cutarelli will have his highly trained staff perform a series of tests to gather information that allows him to pick the correct artificial lens power for your cataract procedure. The more accurate the measurements, the better chance you have at reducing or eliminating the need for glasses to see clearly in the distance. However, previous vision correction procedures can alter the measurements ophthalmologists take, which often results in off-target outcomes and a thicker pair of glasses to see clearly in the distance.

ORA Technology

When undergoing cataract surgery, your surgeon removes the cloudy cataract lens and replaces it with an artificial lens. Your surgeon chooses the artificial lens power based off a series of measurements he/she takes during the time of your cataract exam. The accuracy of these measurements directly relate to the visual outcome of your cataract surgery. In some cases, patients who undergo cataract surgery can virtually eliminate the need for glasses for distance vision.

Dense cataracts, previous RK or LASIK surgery, corneal scarring, or other issues can offset the accuracy of these measurements, which in turn, can affect your visual outcome. Thankfully, Dr. Cutarelli of Cutarelli Vision uses the OptiWave Refractive Analysis (ORA) technology system, which can allow for a much more precise outcome.

ORA technology analyzes the entire structure of the eyes optical system after your cloudy cataract has been removed. Dr. Cutarelli uses the ‘real-time’ measurements to help him make a decision when deciding on lens power for your new artificial lens implant. ORA also helps Dr. Cutarelli with astigmatism correction measurements. Overall, ORA technology can help reduce or eliminate your need for glasses to see in the distance after cataract surgery.

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