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Ready to Gain Visual Freedom With EVO ICL?

Do you struggle to see clearly without glasses or contacts? Do you dream of waking up and being able to see the world in crisp, beautiful detail? 

The EVO ICL lens can make this dream a reality. At Cutarelli Vision, we are proud to offer this life-changing vision correction procedure that can allow you to experience greater visual freedom.


What is the EVO ICL?

The EVO ICL is a tiny lens that can be placed inside your eye to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism. With the EVO ICL, you can experience clear vision without glasses and contact lenses!

Once in your eye, the lens sits behind your iris, out of sight, and works with your eye to focus images clearly onto your retina. Unlike LASIK surgery, which permanently alters the shape of your cornea, the EVO ICL works with your eye’s natural anatomy. 

With EVO ICL, you’ll enjoy some truly amazing benefits

Freedom From Glasses and Contacts

Waking up and reaching for glasses or fumbling with contacts will be a thing of the past with the EVO ICL. This lens eliminates the need for any other vision correction.

Imagine swimming, playing sports, and living your life unencumbered. No more worries about glasses falling off or contacts drying out. Just clear natural vision all day, every day.

The lens is made of a soft, flexible material called Collamer. It gently follows the eye’s movements and adjusts seamlessly to your focusing needs. You won’t even know it’s there!

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Enhanced Night Vision

With EVO ICL, your night vision and ability to see in low-light conditions will improve. Driving at night will become easier with reduced glare from headlights. You’ll be able to distinguish details and move around confidently after sunset.

Accurate Depth Perception

The EVO ICL can help restore normal depth perception that may have been affected by your vision problem. With both eyes working together seamlessly, you’ll be able to judge distances and spatial relationships better.

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Minimized Glare and Halos

Do bright lights appear to have a haze or halo around them? The EVO ICL can minimize glare and halo effects. Your vision will become clearer with less distortion around lights. Driving and nighttime activities become easier.

Stable, Lasting Results With Reversibility

The EVO ICL is designed to remain firmly in place and provide continuous vision correction for years. However, unlike other vision correction procedures like LASIK, the EVO ICL can be removed anytime. 

With EVO ICL, you may wonder why you waited so long!


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What Happens During the EVO ICL Procedure?

After giving you drops to numb the surface of your eye, your eye doctor will gently create a tiny opening in your eye. Next, the folded lens is inserted through this tiny opening and skillfully positioned behind your iris.

Once inserted, the ICL lens unfolds and positions itself in place. It doesn’t require any sutures or adhesive to stay in position. Dr. Cutarelli will make sure the lens is aligned correctly. Finally, they’ll close the tiny incision, which self-seals – no stitches needed!

The whole procedure usually takes about twenty minutes. Your eyes may feel slightly sensitive or watery initially, but this resolves quickly. With just a day or two of recovery, your vision will be transformed. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite activities with a renewed sense of clarity and freedom.

Pre-Op Exam

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Lens Insertion

Visual Freedom!

Hear From Those Who Have Discovered Visual Freedom With EVO ICL

Could EVO ICL Be Right For You?

If you’re between twenty-one and forty-five with healthy eyes, the EVO ICL implant may be the ideal vision correction for you! This advanced collamer lens can sharpen your vision while preserving the natural anatomy of your eye. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Cutarelli at Cutarelli Vision to find out if EVO ICL is right for you. During this appointment, Dr. Cutarelli will fully evaluate your eyes to determine if you’re a candidate. 

Many people with thin corneas that disqualify them from LASIK find the EVO ICL a life-changing option. The EVO ICL is also an excellent choice for those whose careers or hobbies prevent laser eye surgery.  Pilots, firefighters, police officers, athletes, and others can get crystal clear vision with the EVO ICL without impacting their professional performance. While not right for everyone, most people can get dramatic vision improvement with the EVO ICL. 

It is not recommended for those with chronic eye inflammation, autoimmune disorders, or recurring infections. With over 1 million procedures performed worldwide, the EVO ICL has an outstanding safety record and extremely high patient satisfaction.

EVO ICL Advantages

No post-surgical dry eye

UV protection built into lens

Better surgery for thin corneas

Excellent night vision

Extreme clarity and detail reported by patients

Safe & Advanced biocompatible material design

Amazing, rapid wow factor after surgery

Short recovery time

The lens is also removable

Procedure is relatively quick (30 minutes)

Start Your Journey to Clear Vision

If you are tired of vision correction that inhibits your lifestyle or just want greater visual freedom, it’s time to ask your eye doctor at Cutarelli Vision about the EVO ICL. It’s safe, effective, and designed to last your lifetime!

Take the first step towards life without glasses or contacts – schedule your EVO ICL consultation at Cutarelli Vision in Fort Collins, CO, today! This could be the perfect vision correction option for you that will have you seeing clearly again!

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