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Intacs Corneal Ring Segments

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Intacs® Corneal Implants are an FDA approved option for Keratoconus patients. This option is for individuals who experience an intolerance to contact lens and who are facing a Corneal Transplant.

What Are Intacs® Corneal Implants?

How Do Intacs® Improve Vision?

These small sterile plastic rings are placed under the surface of the cornea, reshaping the curvature of the cornea, giving it a more natural shape. Due to the onset and progression of Keratoconus, the weakened cornea looses its natural dome-like shape. As a result, the light rays entering the eye are no longer focused properly, impairing one’s ability to see images clearly. Intacs® are specially designed inserts, made of medical plastic, which are surgically placed under the surface of the cornea. Due to their unique patented design, Intacs® are able to remodel the architecture of the cornea re-establishing a more natural dome-like shape and improving one’s vision.

How Does Intacs® Compare To A Corneal Transplant?

A corneal transplant is an invasive eye surgery that requires removal of the cornea and replacement with a donor tissue. With Intacs®, there is no tissue removal, and there is also no risk of transplant rejection. The recovery time is very short with Intacs®, and vision is improved immediately.

What Other Methods Of Treatment Are There For Keratoconus?

Early stage Keratoconus can be fixed with contact lenses or glasses. Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are sometimes used to brace the cornea bulge. In its most advanced stage, corneal transplant or DSEK are the only treatment options.

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