Posted on: 04/20/23

Cataract Surgery

During cataract surgery, your cataract surgeon will replace the cloudy natural lens inside your eye with an artificial lens, known as an intraocular lens or IOL, to restore clear vision. With advances in cataract surgery and lens implants, you have a variety of choices when it comes to your vision outcome. 

Choosing a premium lens can allow you to have greater visual freedom after cataract surgery and even allow you to customize your vision. If you’re looking at premium IOLs, one of the newest available options is the Light Adjustable Lens. 

Keep reading to learn why the Light Adjustable Lens is an excellent IOL choice!

What Is The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)?

As its name implies, the LAL is an adjustable lens. It’s the first IOL that allows you to customize and personalize your vision after your cataract surgery. 

With this LAL, your cataract surgeon has the ability to fine-tune your vision by adjusting your lens power using a special light device after your procedure. In a series of post-surgical visits, you’ll be able to trial and preview your new vision after treatment with the Light Delivery Device.

During treatment with the Light Delivery Device, your LAL will be exposed to a very specific UV light which will reshape and change the power of your implanted lens. In only a couple of visits, you will get to experience the full potential of your vision. 

Is Cataract Surgery Different With The Light Adjustable Lens?

The surgical procedure for implanting the LAL is the same as cataract surgery with any other lens. During the procedure, your cataract surgeon will remove the cloudy natural lens of your eye and replace it with the LAL. 

How Does The Light Adjustable Lens Work?

After your eyes have healed, you will return to your eye doctor’s office for a series of treatments with the Light Delivery Device, and you will then be able to trial and customize your new vision. The Light Delivery Device emits UV light that will reshape your implanted lens. 

The adjustment process is painless and non-invasive. During each visit, the procedure will only require a minute or two. 

With LAL, you’ll be more satisfied with your post-surgical results and may even be able to put aside your glasses depending on your vision needs. 

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing The Light Adjustable Lens?

If cataract surgery is in your future, consider the LAL. There are many benefits to choosing this lens, such as:

  • Improved vision and lessens your dependence on glasses
  • Greater flexibility in improving refractive errors
  • Treatment options that are customizable to your needs
  • Reduced risk of complications following surgery

Who’s A Good Candidate For The Light Adjustable Lens?

Most individuals who have cataracts and need surgery can be eligible for LAL implants. It’s best for those with corneal astigmatism within a specific range and for individuals who do not have macular degeneration. 

Not everyone will be a good candidate for the LAL. For example, those who are taking medications that increase sensitivity to UV light or that may be harmful to the retina may not be good candidates.

Candidates will need to be able to follow an eye doctor’s schedule of LDD light treatments and instructions for wearing special UV protective glasses for several weeks following surgery. 

The only way to know if you may be a good candidate for this lens is to visit your eye doctor at Cutarelli Vision for a consultation.

Are you interested in learning more about the Light Adjustable Lens? Schedule a cataract evaluation at Cutarelli Vision in Denver, CO, today!