Posted on: 09/24/18


Lazy Sundays are different than they used to be. Before, you’d enjoy a day doing nothing around the house, or some chores. Now, your perfect lazy Sunday in Denver includes day drinking and breweries! Don’t believe us? Check out these breweries to crawl in Denver!

1. Fiction Beer Company: 7101 East Colfax Avenue, Denver

If you like beer and books, this is the brewery for you! If you can’t tell from the name, Fiction Beer Company has a bit of a theme. With a bar made out of books and a menu that’s set up by book genres, this is one of the cooler breweries in Denver.

If it’s available, the Hush Hush is a must! Who wouldn’t want a Sour blonde slushie with fruit while day drinking away the afternoon? Don’t want a sour? There’s plenty of New England style IPA’s to check out on the menu as well!

2. Thirsty Monk: 1604 E 17th St, Denver

Although the Thirsty Monk is not from Denver, they’ve opened their new location here! The Thirsty Monk originated in North Carolina, and has since expanded to Portland, OR. Besides the rad name, there’s plenty of beer to choose from! Check out the 7 Monks, a heavily hopped Pilsner. It’s a little dry and a little spicy with a full mouthfeel.

Want something lighter to pretend it’s still summer? You should definitely try the Holy Guava Wit! This Wit beer is loaded with guava puree and a touch of sweet basil for a tropical vacation in your mouth. We know that day drinking on Sunday’s requires fuel, so order a food flight to pair with your beer of choice!

3. Great Divide Brewing Co.: 2201 Arapahoe St, Denver

No Denver brewery crawl is complete without a visit to this Denver classic, Great Divide. Great Divide Brewing Co. has been in business since 1994 and is recognized as one of America’s premier craft breweries. The beer is distinct in flavor and is unique to Denver’s beer scene.

With the Barrel Bar and a taproom, there’s no limit to the amount of fresh beer on tap. It’s likely that you’ll find the Yeti, which is Great Divide’s Imperial Stout that breaks all the rules. It’s also one of Great Divide’s most popular beers, meaning you have to give it a try!

Other beers to try on tap include the Strawberry Rhubarb, a sour. The Strawberry Rhubarb is brewed with the sweetness of strawberries and the tart flavor from rhubarb. What results is a lip-puckering sour that is easy to drink in all seasons!

4. TRVE Brewing Co.: 227 Broadway #101, Denver

How many breweries do you know of based on Norse mythology? TRVE Brewing Co. is and they have an emphasis on heavy metal and good beer. You never really know what you’re going to get when you walk through the doors of this brewery. Following the rules doesn’t happen very often here.

Instead, you’ll find unique brews like When Paradise Fades, which is a Spontaneous Wet-Hopped Wild Ale. Or you could find a sour like the Solid Hex with a watermelon flavor. TRVE is a small batch brewery, but that means that there’s always something new on deck to try!

There’s plenty of beer in Denver but check out these breweries during your next lazy Sunday! Let us know in the comments what you think of these suggestions, or what your favorite breweries are to crawl in Denver!