Posted on: 09/23/20

Lasik Surgery

Are you thinking about going to Fort Collins soon? Have you been wondering how you can make sure you have a great experience when you’re there?

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, one of the best things you can do is get LASIK. LASIK allows you to have visual freedom.

Fort Collins is a stunning place, so why would you want to worry about glasses or contacts while you’re there? Keep reading for 6 ways to experience Fort Collins after LASIK!

1. Explore Breweries with a Self-Guided Bike Tour

bike parking at Cutarelli Vision

Fort Collins produces 70% of the craft beer made in Colorado. It’s also ranked 4th in the nation for the number of microbreweries per capita.

One of the best ways to experience some different breweries in Fort Collins is with a self-guided bike tour. Getting LASIK will let you enjoy this experience without worrying about your glasses falling off!

Ever get nervous riding your bike because your contacts get too dry? After LASIK, these are some of the many things you’ll never have to worry about again!

You can chill and enjoy the scenery around you for what it is.

2. Stay at The Edwards House

The Edwards House Fort Collins

If you are looking for a unique place to stay in Fort Collins for a vacation or a staycation, the Edwards House is the place to go. It is a historic boutique inn in Old Town Fort Collins.

If you love history and Victorian architecture and history, the Edwards House is for you! It’s also still a modern hotel and all the products they use are sustainable and cruelty-free.

LASIK will let you see all the details throughout the entire inn with crystal clear clarity. If you’ve ever looked at something in HD, it’ll be a little like that, but so much better!

3. Try Stand Up Paddleboarding at The Horsetooth Reservoir

Paddleboarding in Fort Collins, CO

You can’t hang out in Fort Collins and not get in touch with nature! If the weather cooperates, make sure to check out stand up paddleboarding at the Horsetooth Reservoir.

The Horsetooth Reservoir is considered one of the most scenic places in Colorado. You’ll get a workout and be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery all around you at the same time!

Getting LASIK will let you stay in the moment because you won’t have to think about what will happen if you fall in the water. You won’t have to wear glasses or contacts to see.

Visual freedom is a great thing!

4. Eat and Drink at The Exchange

Food at the Exchange in Fort Collins

Fort Collins has an incredible food and beer scene. Trust us, you’ll work up an appetite after all that paddleboarding!

The Exchange is a place where the two unite, letting you experience the best of Fort Collins. Stop by for a beer and some of the tastiest food you’ll have in Colorado.

LASIK even makes ordering food easier! You can read menus with ease and Instagram your meals without glasses sliding down your nose.

5. Take a Hike at Greyrock

Greyrock Hike in Fort Collins, CO

If you are looking for a spectacular view, you need to hike Greyrock. This is a very popular hiking spot with many different trails.

There is enough room for 39 cars to park. Hiking after LASIK will make you wonder why you waited so long!

No more contacts drying out or needing replacing. No need to switch back and forth between prescription glasses and sunglasses.

You can see everything around you as it was always meant to be seen.

6. Explore Soapstone Prairie Natural Area

Fort Collins location at Cutarelli Vision

Experience 28 square miles of beautiful nature by going to the Soapstone Prairie Natural Area. There are plenty of different trails for you to enjoy. You can walk through the prairie and examine cultural artifacts.

You can immerse yourself in all these activities by getting LASIK. It is a permanent way to improve your vision and quality of life.

Many patients end up with 20/20 vision or better after having LASIK! See Fort Collins with clarity by getting LASIK.

Are you ready to talk about getting LASIK? Book a LASIK consultation at Cutarelli Vision in Fort Collins, CO to start your visual freedom journey!