Posted on: 06/9/21

Lasik Surgery

Do you wear contacts? Do you feel downright miserable during allergy season?

When you have bad allergies and are looking for a better solution, you may consider a lot of different remedies. Some ideas may seem crazy, even if they aren’t!

One of these ideas could be if you could get LASIK and improve your allergies. Keep reading to find out if you can get LASIK if you have allergies!

You Can Get LASIK and Have Allergies

It may seem like there are a lot of factors that go into LASIK candidacy, but having allergies won’t disqualify you. For many people with allergies that wear contact lenses, having allergies can be a reason that someone decides to get LASIK.

This is because wearing contacts and having allergies are not a good combination. It is important to remember that each season has perks for when it is best to have LASIK.

For instance, during the winter, you are dreaming of summer and warm weather activities. So why not prepare for warmer weather and have a more enjoyable allergy season by getting LASIK?

Here are some reasons that getting LASIK will make allergy season better for you.

Better Allergy Season

If you get LASIK in the early springtime, you can bypass a bad allergy season. Spring can be difficult if you have allergies.

Having allergies makes it challenging if you want to spend time outdoors. If your eyes are dry, itchy, and irritated, spending time outdoors becomes uncomfortable.

Getting LASIK improves your allergy symptoms because it allows you to no longer need contacts. When you get allergens like pollen on your fingers and then touch your contacts, it transfers to your eyes.

Now you’ve got pollen in your eyes, causing further irritation. This means that the entire time you’re wearing your contacts, allergens are directly causing irritation. If you don’t need to wear contact lenses during allergy season, LASIK eliminates this problem.

Once you get LASIK, your vision is changed forever. In the future, you can look forward to less severe allergy seasons.

Stop Putting Your Fingers in Your Eyes

If you wear contacts and have allergies, you are stuck in a cycle of constant irritation from pollen. When you wear contacts, you frequently touch your eyes.

During the day, you have to insert your contacts, remove them, and fix them. But, if you don’t wash your hands and then touch your contacts, you are putting pollen in your eyes.

If you have bad allergies and frequently touch your eyes, you are constantly transferring pollen from your fingers to your eyes. This magnifies your allergy symptoms, making you more miserable. Getting LASIK means that you can stop putting your fingers in your eyes on a regular basis.

Having allergies does not disqualify you as a LASIK candidate. To undergo the procedure, you need to have a LASIK consultation. There are other factors that go into LASIK candidacy, like age, prescription, vision stability, and more.

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