Posted on: 08/20/18

Cataract Surgery, Lasik Surgery

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Denver is known for its scenic mountain ranges, breathtaking lakes and beautiful, rugged peaks. For our LASIK patients throughout the Denver area, what better way to celebrate your perfect vision by observing the allure of Denver’s natural beauty from thousands of feet above everybody else? Hopefully you checked our our Denver Hot Spots post, but if you are looking to get out in the wild and enjoy a view you will never forget, check out some of the top trails Denver has to offer.

Mount Elbert

One of the five main routes that will lead you to the summit of Colorado’s highest mountain is the North Mt. Elbert trail. If you are in need of a great view with a little challenge, this hike is for you, taking you through forests and peaceful streams along the way. With a total elevation height of 14,433 feet, this trail challenges you to 9.9 total miles, but the miles and miles you can view make it all worth it in the end.

Garden of Gods

Viewing natural sites that seem like they could only be formed in a modern day Hollywood movie is something you will never forget. The Garden of Gods does just that. With monumental rock formations, the Garden of Gods is a certified National Natural Landmark with short trails throughout. After your LASIK surgery with our team of ophthalmologists, what better way to enjoy your newly renovated eyesight? With only a 4 mile trail, this is perfect for a leisurely walk that allows you to really enjoy the red rock structure that surrounds this area.

Mills Lake

If lakes with scenery are your thing, the 3-mile hike from the Glacier Gorge Trailhead to Mills Lake is the place for you. While each of the trails may take you through the forest, this trail completely surrounds you. With this shorter trail, this gives you more time to enjoy the tranquility of Mills Lake. With multiple picnic spots and an amazing view, this one is perfect for a single person or a whole family.

Royal Arch Trail

Royal Arch is most famously known for its red rock arch formation that you can view along the trail, which gives you a fascinating view of Boulder, Colorado. Giving you an elevation gain of a little over 1,000 feet, this is just another way to view the beautiful sandstone formations that spread across the Boulder and Denver areas. The combination of elevation and the 3.5 mile round trip trail are certainly for the more advanced hiker, but luckily there are easier trails to try in the Chautauqua Park area.

The trails and sites that surround the Denver, Colorado area are one of the many reasons Denver is so unique. Serving patients throughout the Denver areas, we are proud to offer LASIK and cataract surgery services so you can enjoy these views with no issues. Don’t let poor vision get in the way of enjoying the surrounding areas; schedule an appointment with us today!