Posted on: 02/19/24

Lasik Surgery

Average LASIK Cost in Denver, CO

The typical cost for LASIK surgery ranges from $2,500 to $3,500 per eye. However, when comparing LASIK prices, it’s important to ensure you receive a comprehensive quote that includes all associated costs. It should include any necessary exams before and after the procedure, all required tests, and additional fees. Our all-inclusive pricing means you pay one price for the entire surgery and all related services.

Looking for LASIK Cost in Denver?

What is the cost for LASIK in Denver? You’ve probably discovered that every Denver LASIK surgeons prices differ. You’ll find LASIK prices in Denver from hundreds of dollars per eye to thousands and you’ve probably asked yourself how can LASIK surgery has such a wide range of cost?

Cost of LASIK varies greatly for a few reasons, but keep this in mind when choosing a LASIK surgeon; You Pay For What You Get.


You’ll find there are different ways the LASIK procedure is performed. Are you receiving blade-less All Laser LASIK or is your surgeon using a blade? While most LASIK surgeons these days choose to use All Laser LASIK, you will find some surgeons still using previous methods.

Equipment & Technology:

All lasers are not created equal. You’ll find that laser technology as evolved over the last 20 years. Newer lasers are more precise and safer. Naturally as this technology increases the cost of the laser is reflected in the cost of the procedure. Additionally some lasers allow you to perform multiple types of laser eye surgery procedures.


You’ll typically find the more experienced a surgeon is, the higher their fees will be. You’re paying for expertise, the knowledge and the successful patient track record.

Some surgeons may lease or rent a machine from another office where as some surgeons purchase their own laser.

The Cutarelli Difference For LASIK in Denver

Dr. Paul Cutarelli is not only one of the most experience LASIK surgeons in Denver, but in Colorado. With over 60,000 eye surgery procedures, his experience and knowledge has allowed him to dedicate his life to providing the best possible vision to his patients in his 2 offices in Colorado (Denver & Fort Collins).

At Cutarelli Vision we’ll provide a FREE consultation to determine if LASIK is right for you. Often times, we find that while LASIK is an option, we may recommend a different procedure that will provide better results.

While Dr. Cutarelli has the experience and uses advanced laser technology, you’ll find we are affordable. Often throughout the year, we’re offering promotions that allow you to receive a discount on your vision correction procedure. Contact us to find out what our current promotion is.

As always, your procedure is backed by our lifetime assurance plan.

When you’re ready to take the next step for LASIK surgery. Look to the Denver LASIK Experts at Cutarelli Vision.