Posted on: 03/22/19


The Red Rocks in Denver are one of the most popular attractions in the city. It is most known for being an outdoor music venue, but it is so much more! Keep reading to learn five things you didn’t know about Red Rocks in Denver!

1. You can explore plenty of trails at Red Rocks

The Red Rocks are quite unique. It is the only naturally occurring amphitheater, as well as being acoustically perfect.

It is 738 acres of dinosaurs, greenery, deer, and geological wonders. Artists like The Beatles have performed on this amazing stage with almost 10,000 people in the crowd.

There are endless opportunities when it comes to being active at the Red Rocks. Runners like to get a difficult workout in at 6,400 ft. by running up and down the stairs.

2. Try out barre or yoga at Red Rocks

Not a running fan? You can try yoga or barre at the Red Rocks as well! Different yoga and barre studios hold classes on the rocks during the summer.

There are two trails in the park, Geologic Overlook Trail and Trading Post Trail. Both trails are only for people only! This makes it even easier to fit in a great workout.

The Trading Post Trail is 1.4 miles long and goes through a variety of terrains. With different terrains, you may also experience various kinds of weather.

The Geologic Overlook Trail is a shorter trail that leads to a picnic shelter you can relax at. While relaxing, check out the great views!

Want something a little more difficult? Check out Red Rocks Trail, which is a multi-use trail. You can hike, mountain bike, and even go horseback riding on it!

Beer and Red Rocks Trail

3. Red Rocks has an amazing brewery scene

There are great breweries near Red Rocks, which makes a day of exploring even better. Four breweries to check out are Green Mountain Beer Company, Great Frontier Brewing Company, Red Rocks Beer Garden and Over Yonder Brewing Company.

Two of the most popular breweries are Green Mountain Beer Company and Great Frontier Brewing Company. They aren’t at Red Rocks, but they are a short drive away.

After a rough barre session, it’s easy to check out The Red Rocks Beer Garden and Over Yonder Brewing Company. Both are conveniently located near the amphitheater.

Red Rocks Beer Garden and Green Mountain Beer Company serve beer that’s made in Colorado. Buy local and drink local is just part of the Red Rocks in Denver charm!

4. You can dine IN Red Rocks

Yes, as if Red Rocks couldn’t be any cooler, you can also dine in Red Rocks. We recommend the aptly named Ship Rock Grill.

The name makes a lot more sense when you see it since it’s built between two huge boulders. What’s more, you’ll enjoy a menu with specials like the Build-A-Burger or smothered fries!

The Ship Rock Grill is an even better choice if you’re seeing a concert since it’s near the amphitheater. Word of advice: make a reservation ahead of time so you’re not worrying before seeing the show!

Red Rocks

5. You can shop til you drop at Red Rocks

After a day of eating and drinking, don’t forget to check out the shopping scene at Red Rocks! We love Sundance Sensations and La Boutique Des Boudreaux.

At Sundance Sensations, you’ll find funky accessories and bohemian clothing. Channel your inner hippie here! At La Boutique Des Boudreaux, you’ll find beautiful antiques!

Check out their home goods as well as their jewelry for something nobody else has. This is just a taste of what you can expect when you go shopping at Red Rocks in Denver!

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