Posted on: 06/14/22


Are you planning to have cataract surgery? See all the life-changing opportunities that lie ahead of you when you have your cataracts removed!

You can choose a brighter, more carefree future and enjoy improved vision thanks to the PanOptix trifocal IOL. Keep reading to learn more about the PanOptix trifocal IOL and if it could be right for you!

Visual Freedom

At Cutarelli Vision, we’re proud to offer our patients the choice of this cutting-edge premium lens implant to give you the best possible vision after cataract surgery. Without glasses or contact lenses, you’ll have sharp vision up close, far away, and at intermediate distances.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not, but it is revolutionary. The PanOptix trifocal IOL is the first of its kind and the only trifocal lens approved by the FDA.

The PanOptix trifocal IOL is an intraocular lens that replaces the natural lens in your eye during cataract surgery. Cataracts form when the natural lens becomes dull and opaque over time.

A More Carefree Lifestyle

Once you have your cloudy lens removed during cataract surgery, your surgeon can replace it with the PanOptix trifocal IOL. This premium lens allows you to focus on objects at any distance without any gaps in how clear your vision is.

  • It’s groundbreaking because it’s the first and only trifocal lens available in the U.S
  • It’s revolutionary because it can reduce your dependence on glasses or contacts
  • It’s life-changing because even if you’ve lived your life wearing glasses, you may be able to give them up entirely after cataract surgery, thanks to the PanOptix trifocal IOL
  • It’s safe because it’s the latest advancement from the AcrySof® family of lenses, the most implanted cataract replacement lenses worldwide

Continuous Clear Vision

What makes the PanOptix trifocal IOL unique is the continuous clarity of vision. Other premium IOLs on the market have a ‘gap’ in sight.

While distance vision is excellent, objects at arm’s length are blurry. This ‘blurry zone’ still requires vision correction. This is why many people still need glasses after cataract surgery to be able to see up close.

The PanOptix trifocal IOL eliminates that gap in continuous vision. Without a gap in vision, it frees its wearers from relying on glasses for clear vision.

When asked how often they needed glasses to see in the last seven days, 80.5% of people with the PanOptix lens reported never using them, and 11.4% said they rarely used them.

Brighter Colors, Less Glare

Besides reducing your dependence on visual aids, the Pan Optix trifocal IOL improves overall vision. You’ll see effortlessly without straining to focus on objects.

You’ll observe that the colors around you are brighter and more vivid than before.  Patients will also see less glare around bright lights, especially at night.

High Satisfaction

Patients who are good candidates for the PanOptix trifocal IOL and have chosen this lens report a very high level of satisfaction: 99% of PanOptix lens patients would choose the same lens again, and 98% would recommend it to family and friends.

Eligible Candidates

If you’re considering a PanOptix lens, you will need to attend a cataract screening with Cutarelli Vision. Not everyone is a good candidate for this premium lens. Your cataract screening will ensure that you have no existing conditions that may lead to problems after cataract surgery.

You may not be a good candidate if you have severe dry eye, or macular degeneration. Other IOLs may offer better results.

Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor at Cutarelli Vision in Denver, CO, to see if you’d be a good fit for the PanOptix trifocal IOL!