Posted on: 07/11/22

Lasik Surgery

Are you ready to make your glasses and contact lenses a thing of the past? The sooner you choose LASIK surgery, the sooner you’ll ask yourself, “Why did I wait so long?” 

So many little inconveniences you’ve put up with, like foggy glasses, will no longer be a problem once you get LASIK. Keep reading for a few reasons to say goodbye to foggy glasses in Fort Collins after LASIK!

Work Out Better

You’re in the zone at the gym, on the rock-climbing wall, or finding a pace on a trail or mountain path that feels like you could go on forever. Then those beads of sweat on your forehead trickle down your face. 

If you’re wearing contacts, you try to blink to avoid the sting of sweat in your eyes. If you’re wearing glasses, they’re either fogging up or sliding down your nose. 

LASIK can end this situation for you once and for all. If you’re serious about giving your personal best to your workout, choose independence from contact lenses and glasses with LASIK.

Save Money and Time

It’s another thing on your shopping list, but it adds up: contact lens solutions, eyeglass cleaning products, and soft wipes, so you don’t scratch your lenses. It’s not only the cost, but the time it takes to stay on top of what you need to maintain your contacts or glasses. 

After LASIK, you can say so long to these nagging things on your to-do list. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in yourself?

Improve Your Cooking

You’re standing at the stove and heating the pan to the right temperature for that perfect sear. But when you add the ingredients, your glasses fog up from moisture. 

So you grab a nearby cloth and wipe your glasses, and that dish you’re preparing is not perfect, but it’s good enough. Maybe you don’t want to be an Iron Chef, but wouldn’t it be great to focus on the food when you cook and not your vision? With LASIK, foggy glasses are a thing of the past.

Ease Those Indoor and Outdoor Transitions

Whether it’s summer or winter, it’s never perfect when your glasses undergo a temperature change. From the hot sun to air conditioning, or the cold winter winds to the warm indoors, it can cause your glasses to fog up. 

You pause, take them off, find something to wipe them with, and it’s an inconvenience you don’t need in your life. Choose LASIK and never enter or exit with vision fogged by glasses.

Make Wearing a Mask More Comfortable

You’re used to wearing glasses. But add a face mask, and you’ve got another set of concerns. 

How do your glasses set against the bridge of your nose? Is the mask fitted enough to work as it should? 

Are you sending puffs of moisture up into your lenses each time you breathe in and out? Once again, foggy glasses become the issue. 

If the pandemic taught one thing, it’s that change is a part of life. You can have a more carefree and independent life by not needing glasses or contacts after LASIK. 

The best part? You can say goodbye to foggy glasses for good! What are you waiting for? 

Think about seeing Fort Collins through what feels like new eyes without clunky frames and foggy lenses, creating extra worries you don’t need. This summer, choose to have LASIK and see what you’ve been missing.

Learn more about LASIK and if it could be right for you by scheduling your LASIK consultation at Cutarelli Vision in Fort Collins, CO, today!