Posted on: 08/7/18

Lasik Surgery


Imagine the feeling of waking up in the morning… opening your eyes… and instantly seeing clearly! No reaching for your glasses or fumbling toward the bathroom for your contact lenses. Constant dependency on glasses and/or contact lenses to function is oftentimes very frustrating. Denver LASIK surgeon, Dr. Cutarelli, can give you visual freedom!


Have you noticed how wildly expensive glasses have become? And how you seem to need a new pair every few years from either a prescription change, style change, or a lost/broken pair? Is buying contact lens solution every month starting to become an annoying expense? With how expensive vision correction has become, many people are turning to LASIK, which is actually a CHEAPER option in the long run than glasses and contact lenses! It is far more affordable than most people think. Don’t let the cost of LASIK be a deterrent – especially with our 0% interest financing!


Contact lens wearers frequently report dissatisfaction from dealing with contact lens solution daily, while glasses lenses quickly get foggy or dirty, requiring frequent cleaning – not to mention the ever-present fear of losing or breaking expensive glasses. With LASIK vision correction, your vision becomes hassle-free!


If you wear contact lenses, you know they exacerbate dryness, leaving your eyes extremely uncomfortable towards the end of the day. Similarly, contact lenses aggravate eye allergies by holding allergens against your eyes all day long. Occasionally, a contact lens tears, causing discomfort (not to mention causing you to lose money on that lens). LASIK eye surgery is a minor procedure eliminating all the discomfort associated with contact lenses!


Contact lenses reduce the oxygen availability to the cornea, sometimes causing corneal swelling and unhealthy blood vessel growth. Contact lenses also increase the risk of eye infections. LASIK eliminates the need for contact lenses and lets your eyes stay healthier with all the oxygen they need!


Certain professions make glasses or contact lens wear annoying or even impossible. Glasses wear for active jobs such as firefighters and policemen is hazardous. During meal preparation, foggy lenses are problematic for chefs. Athletes cannot afford to have a contact lens fall out during a game. Even stay-at-home parents are faced with flailing hands and toys, which oftentimes knock off glasses and contact lenses. There are numerous occupations where glasses and contact lenses present unnecessary challenges. LASIK removes these challenges!


Perhaps the #1 reason people seek out LASIK surgery in Denver is from the hindrance of glasses and contact lenses on an active lifestyle. From having to wear glasses at the gym, to skiing with irritating contact lenses, to the fear of losing a contact lens on a long and treacherous hike – LASIK is perfect for active people. Patients also know they are not supposed to wear contact lenses in lakes or the ocean… but it’s hard to enjoy the water when you can’t see anything… and glasses will get lost in the water. If you are an active and outdoor person, LASIK at Cutarelli Vision is absolutely life changing!


Then there is travelling… you already own a large bottle of contact lens solution, but TSA has a limit on liquid ounces, forcing you to purchase small bottles of solution that run out quickly. Contact lenses inevitably dry out on long flights, too. All the while, the fear exists of losing your contact lenses or glasses in another state or country, leaving vision blurry and limiting your ability to see and experience your vacation to the fullest extent. For those who travel, laser vision correction is an excellent option!


Those with astigmatism know that vision with glasses is oftentimes inadequate and that vision always fluctuates with toric contact lenses. What most people do not know is that the best way to treat astigmatism is through laser vision correction because it treats the astigmatism on the cornea rather than trying to compensate for it. Here at Cutarelli Vision, we have technologically advanced lasers specific for treating eyes with astigmatism!


As mentioned before, LASIK vision correction is far safer than long-term contact lens wear. Studies have repeatedly shown that contact lens wear has a higher complication rate than a LASIK surgery. The risk of infection with contact lenses is more than 5x greater than with LASIK!

These are just a few of the reasons why our patients have chosen Dr. Cutarelli, the most experienced LASIK surgeon in Denver and Colorado. Call us at 303-486-2020 or contact us online to schedule your FREE LASIK CONSULTATION today!

By: Dr. Kaleb Abbott