Posted on: 07/13/17

LASIK Myths, Lasik Surgery

There are many questions about LASIK Surgery. Denver Ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Cutarelli covers 5 things you need to know about LASIK.

Laser eye surgery, or LASIK as it is popularly known, is the most effective way to treat conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The procedure involves surgically reshaping the cornea to enable it to accurately focus the incoming light on the retina, which results in a clear vision. If you are considering having LASIK, then here are 5 things you should know.

1. You can see the results immediately

LASIK takes no more than five minutes in the hands of an experienced eye surgeon. The surgery is often performed on both eyes at the same time one after another. The procedure is safe and painless. There is no extensive recovery time. You will experience the results immediately and be back to your day-to-day activities the very next day. You will have to wear protective eye glasses for a few days though and refrain from over exerting yourself.

2. The procedure has a very high success rate

One of the reasons LASIK is so popular is that it has a very high success rate. The procedure is so successful that over 90% of patients experience 20/20 vision or even better after the surgery. The failure percentage is so small that you can consider it non-existent. However, you should follow your doctor’s recommendations during recovery to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

3. It is one of the safest surgical procedures

Many people balk at the idea of eye surgery. After all, it is one of the most important, yet the most delicate external organ of your body. But there is actually very little to be worried about. Today’s LASIK technology is so advanced and the procedure is done so precisely that the risks are minimal.  Your doctor will outline all the risks during consultation so that you can decide whether to go ahead with the procedure or not.  If there is any significant risk owing to a pre-existing condition, then the surgeon may advise you against having the procedure.

4. It is a tried and tested procedure

LASIK is not a newly discovered procedure that is being tested on an unsuspecting populace. It is a well tried and tested procedure that has been around since 1988, and FDA approved in the US since 1995. Over 21 million procedures have been performed in the United States so far and the number is increasing every day. The number of procedure done all over the world may run into several hundred million.

5. Follow up visits

Although you can resume your normal day to day life on the same day, you will still need one or more follow up visits to make sure that everything is fine. A surgery is a surgery after all, however safe and brief it may be. You may experience blurry vision for a few days. You may also feel itching or burning sensation for some time. If you are not careful, such as rubbing your eyes, you may catch an infection or develop complications. So, it is important to visit the doctor within days of the surgery.

As you can see, LASIK is a very precise and very safe surgical procedure with a very high success rate. If you are a looking for a permanent solution to nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, then talk to an eye surgeon who is experienced in LASIK surgery.

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