Posted on: 12/27/22

Lasik Surgery

It wouldn’t feel like a true Boulder holiday without an afternoon spent window-shopping on Pearl Street Mall. There are plenty of holiday window displays to see in downtown Boulder that you’ll only find in Colorado. 

Keep reading to discover seven of the best holiday windows to check out in downtown Boulder after your LASIK recovery!

The Lights Are Brighter After LASIK

Take time to take in all that glittering, glorious holiday decorating magic after you recover from LASIK surgery and see it all without glasses or contact lenses. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Your glasses won’t get foggy, and your contacts won’t be irritated by the cold and the wet because you won’t need either now that you have crystal-clear LASIK vision.

Seven Holiday Must-See Windows

Head over to Pearl Street Mall this month and check out these seven spots for the best holiday windows and sights this season:

1. Two Sole Sisters

This shoe store, known for its flashy window displays, steps up its game every November, even hosting holiday window reveal parties for its customers.

2. Bliss

The three front windows at this joyfully-curated gift shop are always a feast for the eyes. Stob by and take a look at their seasonally-appropriate displays.

3. Peppercorn

Among their elegant kitchenware and home goods are perfect holiday gifts. Their window displays always delight with their strong colors and designs. 

4. Rocket Fizz

Feeling nostalgic for childhood? Rocket Fizz’s window displays will always put a smile on your face. 

Typically featuring a relevant cartoon character like Spiderman, Mario, Homer Simpson, and Alvin& the Chipmunks, the window displays ambush you with color, lights, and candy. It’s like walking past an I-SPY book. 

5. Boulder Book Store

Who doesn’t love a bookstore? Their tasteful, simple, cozy window display shows what’s hot right now and staff favorites. 

From the outside, this shop feels familiar even if you’ve never been inside. Inside, three floors full of books will keep you browsing for hours.

6. Nomad Beads

While they don’t decorate in the traditional way, this corner store’s windows offer actual eye candy in the form of thousands of beads on display in a rainbow pattern. If you want to see just how good your LASIK-improved vision is, the fine details of their tens of thousands of beads will put your close-up vision to the test.

If you go at the right time of day and the beads catch the light, their shine is downright magical.

7. Avanti Boulder

This is not a window display but a bonus! Sit on the ground level or up on the 4th-floor rooftop, which has heat lamps, and look out over Pearl Street. 

Watch others window shopping while you sit back and relax. Avanti has two full-service bars, and the lower level is like a fancy food court with open seating. 

An excellent place to get a drink or snack after a full day of window shopping. Plus, the views of the Flatirons are incredible. At the end of a long hard day of shopping, why not?

Why Not LASIK?

If you’ve been thinking about choosing LASIK and freeing yourself from glasses and contacts, why not schedule a consultation at our Boulder vision correction center? Most LASIK patients end up with excellent vision, enjoy improved depth perception and contrast, and appreciate how sharp and clear their vision is after surgery.

Wouldn’t it be great to start the new year knowing that next year, Pearl Street Mall’s windows will gleam even brighter because you’ll see it all with new eyes? Schedule your LASIK consultation today and end this year looking ahead to a new year of visual freedom and independence!

Are you interested in starting your LASIK journey? Schedule a consultation at Cutarelli Vision in Denver, CO, today!