Posted on: 01/27/23

Lasik Surgery

If ever there were a perfect place to have LASIK surgery, it would be Colorado Springs. The incredible natural beauty of the area is well-known nationwide.

While you may already appreciate our famous red rocks and colorful landscape, everything is more vivid, sharp, and breathtaking after LASIK. You will love Colorado Springs so much more after LASIK, not only for the freedom you’ll enjoy without the worries of glasses and contacts but also for the convenience. 

Keep reading to learn a few reasons why LASIK should be part of your 2023 plans for enjoying life to the fullest in Colorado Springs and beyond!

Better Vision

LASIK is life-changing because it improves your vision. It’s a simple procedure with a short recovery period, yet it offers lifetime benefits.

Many find that after LASIK, they have 20/20 vision or better. Everyday tasks such as driving, reading, and using a computer are made that much easier without wearing contact lenses or glasses.


With LASIK, you’ll never deal with glasses falling down your face or worry about contact lenses which can be inconvenient to wear and care for. With LASIK, you can wake up in the morning and see clearly without having to reach for your glasses on the bedside table or stumble into the bathroom to insert contact lenses. 

You’ll never struggle with scratched glasses lenses or realize you have to order new contact lenses.

Reduced Dry Eye During Allergy Season

Contact lens wearers know the sticky or gritty feeling that comes with dry eyes. Wearing your lenses too long can contribute to dry eye. 

Pollen or other airborne irritants can further irritate the eyes of contact lens wearers. And when you wear contacts, you may be reluctant to use eyedrops to relieve symptoms, adding to your discomfort. 

But with the clear vision and freedom you’ll enjoy with LASIK, you can stay on top of the discomfort of dry eye. After LASIK, it’s easier for your eyes to naturally eliminate irritants with every blink and easier to apply eyedrops for relief. 

Lessening the impact of allergy season is one big reason to choose LASIK.

Cost Savings

In the long term, LASIK can save you money. It’s more cost-effective than continuing to pay for glasses or contact lenses over time. 

That’ll give you more money to spend on things you want to do in the area!

Bigger Adventures

Whether you’re into luxury indulgences or daredevil pursuits, the freedom of LASIK, and those savings you’ve been banking, offer opportunities to try new and bigger adventures. Why not book an overnight stay at Colorado Springs’ iconic Broadmoor, the longest-running Forbes Five-Star, AAA Five-Diamond resort in the world? 

Maybe you’d like to try a free-fall adventure with the Terror-dactyl at Williams Canyon in nearby Manitou Springs and launch yourself over 150 feet into the canyon at nearly 100 miles per hour. After LASIK, you will be more confident to zipline over the 1,250-foot-deep Royal Gorge, an activity the Travel Channel names as the number one bucket list item in Colorado.

LASIK in Colorado Springs

The benefits of living in the Colorado Springs area are many, and LASIK makes life here so much better! Don’t miss out on any of it because you’re encumbered by glasses or contact lenses. Your new post-LASIK life is going to be the best year yet!

Are you interested in learning if you may be a candidate for LASIK? Schedule an appointment at Cutarelli Vision in Denver, CO, today!