Posted on: 03/23/21

Lasik Surgery

Has your vision started changing since having LASIK? Do you want to continue living life without worrying about glasses or contacts?

For most patients, LASIK is permanent. This is a major selling point for the procedure since they do not want to wear glasses or contacts.

Wouldn’t you rather have clear vision? After having visual freedom, it’s easy to get used to it.

But it is possible for a patient’s vision to change due to aging or other factors. When this happens, they start thinking about if it is possible to have LASIK for a second time. Keep reading to find out if you can have LASIK twice!

LASIK is a permanent procedure that reshapes your cornea

LASIK is a permanent procedure that works by reshaping your cornea. This gives you clearer vision.

But some patients do need LASIK eye surgery again or an enhancement procedure. While there is not an exact limit to the number of times you can get LASIK, you should only get it once.

What are the reasons you could need an enhancement procedure?


For women, significant hormonal changes can create the need for a LASIK enhancement procedure. When a woman is pregnant, breastfeeding or in menopause, the hormonal changes can cause vision to be affected.

Changes can include developing extreme far or near-sightedness. These changes usually are temporary, so once your hormones go back to normal your vision will too.

Vision Changes

For patients who wore glasses or contacts before, they know that vision changes happen. But even after having LASIK, your vision can still change.

Usually, changes are becoming more farsighted or nearsighted. These changes are so small that you usually do not need to have LASIK again.


With age, you may develop conditions that cause you to need glasses again. An example of a condition that causes this is presbyopia.

It is a very common condition and it means that the eye’s lens loses elasticity. If the lens in your eye becomes stiff, it makes it challenging to focus, especially on items that are near you.

This makes reading and other detail-oriented activities hard to enjoy. Presbyopia is very common as a result of getting older.

There are specific treatments that doctors recommend to treat it. Recommendations include corneal inlays, but LASIK usually is not one of them.

Is it safe to get LASIK twice?

While LASIK is considered one of the safest surgeries with a 96% satisfaction rate, it has risks like any other procedure. Every time you have LASIK, you need to evaluate if the risk is worth it.

If you experience any difficulties, they are usually temporary and will resolve once your eyes heal or stabilize. If you have LASIK more than once, you become more likely to experience complications.

Consult with your eye doctor to make sure that your corneas are able to handle the procedure again.

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