Posted on: 07/25/19

Lasik Surgery

Are you thinking about getting LASIK eye surgery? Do you worry about LASIK hurting? You shouldn’t! Keep reading to learn why there’s no reason to think LASIK will hurt!

Your Surgeon Will Insert Numbing Eye Drops In Your Eyes

Before your procedure begins, the surgeon will put numbing eye drops on your eye. These prevent any pain or discomfort during LASIK.

The drops also last for some period of time post-surgery. The drops will make sure that you are not in any pain during LASIK. They will wear off a few hours after LASIK is over.

Fear is one of the main reasons people think that LASIK hurts. It is very common to be nervous about having surgery, but LASIK should not be a painful experience.

One of the most common fears people have about LASIK is they worry about a blade or laser touching their eye. Although rational, it’s not painful!

For one thing, there are no blades used during LASIK, only lasers. Because of the numbing eye drops, you can’t feel the lasers when they do touch your eyes.


Before the procedure, your surgeon will work to ensure that you are calm. LASIK is much easier to perform if you’re relaxed! If you’re anxious, your surgeon will offer you an anti-anxiety medication like Valium.

Then, you will be given the eye drops that also numb your eye. The eye drops look and act like regular eye drops, so they should not make you feel uncomfortable.

The drops numb your eye quickly and when you blink your eyes, they spread over your entire eye.

In Surgery

During LASIK, a device called a speculum helps lift your eyelid. This isn’t painful either. At most you might feel slight pressure for a few seconds. This will feel like you are holding your eyelid apart when putting in contacts.

The only difference is that your eyelid is being held up by the doctor. You might be a little uncomfortable, but it should not hurt. You will not be in pain during surgery.


After LASIK, you might experience a burning sensation as your eyes begin recovering. You could experience some discomfort as the anesthetic wears off.

If you’re very uncomfortable, you can take ibuprofen to take the edge off. You could also experience tearing or itching.

It should not be painful, but it could be uncomfortable. Also, you could have blurry or cloudy vision. A common feeling post-LASIK is dry eye.

This symptom is temporary and goes away over time. If your dry eye is bothering you, artificial tears can help!

These symptoms are signs that the healing process has started after LASIK! As your eyes continue to heal, these symptoms go away.

LASIK should not hurt post-surgery. If you feel a lot of pain, please contact your doctor immediately. This could be a sign of a complication or infection.

LASIK is not a painful procedure, but you could feel uncomfortable as you heal. The recovery process is worth it though since you end up with clear, beautiful vision!

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