How do I Know if LASIK is Right for ME?

Is LASIK Right for Me?

Chances are that you’ve at least heard of LASIK laser eye surgery and, if you wear either glasses, contact lenses or both, wondered if it can truly let you get rid of them forever, like the ads say.

The good news is that answer is most likely yes – as long as you meet certain criteria. Of course the first thing you should do is seek advice and guidance from a reputable LASIK surgeon of your choice, but there are lots of things you can check ahead of time to make sure you’ll be a candidate for this life-altering procedure.

How Old are You?

The first thing you’ll be asked is your age. LASIK is not currently available to anyone under 18, but there are no rules regarding upper age ranges. However, there are considerations to take into account as you age – for example, once you hit 45, the likelihood of developing conditions such as presbyopia increases, which makes reading up close more difficult. LASIK cannot cure this, but can help compensate for this loss of near vision, keeping you out of glasses all the time.

If you already know that you have an existing eye condition such as presbyopia, don’t let that dissuade you from at least talking to a LASIK surgeon, since a full eye exam will be required regardless.

How are Your Corneas?

If you have undergone any sort of previous eye procedure, such as a corneal transplant for a condition like Keratoconus, there’s a chance that your corneas will be too thin for LASIK surgery. The chances of this are slim, however, and like all other instances your candidacy will ultimately be decided at your initial exam, but it’s something to consider when thinking about LASIK.

Are You Willing to Commit?

While LASIK is a very quick and relatively painless procedure, it does require a certain amount of pre- and post-operative responsibility. For example, if you are a contact lens-wearer, you will generally be required to leave them out for 2-4 weeks leading up to your procedure, which can be a huge inconvenience, particularly if your prescription is severe enough that glasses do not provide good vision. This might mean arranging for rides to and from work, staying home more than you’d like, fumbling around the house, and more. Likewise, you may be required to stick to a medicine regimen and report back to the LASIK surgeon for followup appointments. All of these are small prices to pay, however, for the freedom that LASIK provides.

Despite these considerations, LASIK is a viable option for almost everyone who wants or needs it, and even if you believe you might not be a candidate, don’t hesitate to seek out a LASIK surgeon for a consultation anyway. If you’re in the Denver, Fort Collins or Boulder areas, Dr. Paul Cutarelli is an excellent choice – he is well-known for his LASIK expertise and his ability to make patients feel right at home. Contact him today to schedule your LASIK screening.