Posted on: 12/6/18

Lasik Surgery

One major concern for patients interested in LASIK is “how much PTO will I have to use?” or “how long until I can get back to my normal routine?” Time is limited and therefore precious. At Cutarelli Vision, we understand the value of your time.

LASIK has one of the shortest recovery times of any procedure. Patients undergoing LASIK typically take the day of and the day after off of work – only 2 total days. For patients who work Monday – Friday, surgery can be performed on a Friday afternoon, resulting in only 1 day of PTO being needed.

Vision is typically excellent the day following LASIK – enabling patients to return to their normal routine almost immediately following the surgery. Keep in mind there are some restrictions on daily activities for the first week after the surgery though. Additionally, several follow-up appointments will have to be made during the first 6 months after LASIK.

The recovery time for LASIK is minimal and allows patients to return to their normal lives within days after the procedure, but now without the hassle and frustration of glasses and contact lenses! This is one reason why LASIK has the highest satisfaction rate of all elective procedures!

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By: Dr. Kaleb Abbott