Posted on: 01/29/19

Lasik Surgery

Elderly Eye LASIK

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about LASIK is that it can only be done
with young patients. Oftentimes patients over the age of 40 believe that they are
stuck wearing glasses and/or contact lenses due to their age. Some of this
misinformation stems from the perception of LASIK being a surgery for youthful
patients while other misinformation comes from optometrists incorrectly telling
their patients they are not candidates for LASIK because they may need reading
glasses afterwards.

LASIK is frequently done with patients over the age of 40 and sometimes even with
patients in their 60s and 70s. For patients at an age where reading glasses would be
needed, monovision LASIK surgery oftentimes is an excellent option to have hassle
free vision requiring no glasses or contact lenses for distance or near vision.

Other surgical options exist if you are not a LASIK candidate. One common surgery
for patients between the age of 40 and 60 is a refractive lens exchange (RLE). This
surgery also has the ability to get you out of glasses and contact lenses entirely!

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By: Dr. Kaleb Abbott