Posted on: 02/19/19

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Vision with Astigmatism

Have you been told you cannot have LASIK because of your astigmatism? There is a lot of confusion about the limits of LASIK eye surgery. Some patients are told that they are not able to have LASIK surgery due to their astigmatism or that LASIK won’t work well with their prescription.

While first-generation lasers from the early 1990s may have struggled with astigmatism, modern day lasers are exceptional at treating these prescriptions. The cutting-edge lasers at Cutarelli Vision are phenomenal at treating astigmatism and we successfully eliminate astigmatism for our patients every week!

Not known to many patients – the best way to treat astigmatism is actually through LASIK! While glasses oftentimes struggle to fully correct astigmatism and contact lenses shift and rotate on the eye resulting in inconsistent vision, LASIK physically removes the astigmatism from the cornea! LASIK provides superior vision for patients with astigmatism compared to glasses or contact lenses.

Does your astigmatism cause poor night vision? Our technologically advanced lasers at Cutarelli Vision provide better night vision for our patients with astigmatism.

Even if you doubt that you are a LASIK candidate because of your glasses prescription, we encourage you to schedule your FREE LASIK consultation. Life is too short to live with the hassle of glasses and contact lenses. Let our expert eye doctors examine your eyes and let you know your options!

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By: Dr. Kaleb Abbott