Posted on: 12/9/21

Lasik Surgery

Have you been thinking about getting LASIK? Are you ready to finally schedule a consultation?

One of the most challenging parts of getting LASIK can be finding the right time for the procedure. There are many benefits to getting LASIK during different seasons, but there are a lot of advantages to having it done during the winter.

Keep reading to find out some reasons why you should treat yourself to LASIK before the year ends!

Time Off From Work

The holidays are a great time to get LASIK because you have more time off from work. The recovery period from LASIK is short, so you typically do not need a lot of time to heal.

Most people only need one day to recover, so getting LASIK over the holidays will maximize your time off from work. Patients often can go back to normal activities the day after the procedure.

Cold Weather

Studies on eye health have looked for links between humidity and humidity when patients have LASIK eye surgery. Researchers look for a connection between these things to see if they affect patients needing an additional procedure.

They found that conditions ideal for LASIK is low levels of humidity and colder winter temperatures. Having LASIK during the colder winter months may help if you want an easier recovery.


In the summer, you may want to spend more time outdoors. You may also have less free time, making it more challenging to find the time to have LASIK and recover from it.

This isn’t the case in the winter. It’s more likely you’ll have free time, leaving you plenty of opportunities to have LASIK and recover.

Things being calmer in the winter makes it better for recovering from surgery. It is easier to take a day or two off or spend some time this holiday season for LASIK. You can relax under a warm blanket and enjoy an easy recovery process without feeling like you’re missing out on summer activities.

New Year

Ending a year means thinking about how to start the new one. Figuring out your goals or resolutions for the next year lets you make positive changes in your life.

So why not make improving your vision your goal for this year? By getting LASIK this winter, you can spend the spring and summer doing all of the activities that were more difficult because of glasses or contacts.

Save Money

It adds up when you have to use contacts, contact solutions, glasses, prescription sunglasses, and regularly go to the eye doctor. Even though LASIK is a one-time upfront cost, it will save you money in the long run. It is a great way to start the year, because who doesn’t want to save money?

Make the Most of Spring and Summer

Without worrying about glasses or contacts, you can live life to the fullest. You can enjoy water sports, traveling, playing basketball, taking pictures, and so much more by getting LASIK.

You won’t have to worry about forgetting your goggles to be able to swim or forgetting your contact solution while you travel. Make next spring and summer your best ones yet by getting LASIK.

Are you ready to have LASIK? Enjoy everything that Denver has to offer by scheduling your LASIK consultation at Cutarelli Vision in Denver, CO, to start your visual freedom journey today!