Posted on: 11/5/21

Lasik Surgery

Do you want to have a great time this holiday season? Have you considered getting LASIK as a way to enjoy sightseeing around Fort Collins this winter? 

Most patients describe LASIK as one of the most life-changing things they have ever done. If you want to have more fun while taking in all of the sights around Fort Collins this holiday season, why not get LASIK? Keep reading to find out how getting LASIK takes holiday sightseeing to the next level in Fort Collins!

See Holiday Lights More Clearly

There is nothing better during the holiday season than seeing the many different holiday lights people put up. Getting LASIK means that you can see them clearly through your eyes and not fogged-up glasses. 

You will be able to notice all of the details, patterns, and designs of holiday lights. With nothing holding you back, you may even see new details you’ve never noticed before!

Visit with Family and Friends

There is nothing worse than having to leave a holiday gathering because your eyes are irritated from your contacts or you misplaced your glasses during a party. If you want to stay out late with your friends while you’re home for the holidays, not having to worry about taking out your contact lenses while you’re having a good time will make socializing more enjoyable. 

Getting LASIK means that your vision will not affect your ability to visit with your family or friends. You can do any activity you want without your vision limiting you. Thanks to LASIK’s quick recovery period, you’ll be able to get back to your favorite holiday activities before you know it!

Love Pictures You’re In

When you have glasses and take pictures with flash, you risk having glare ruin your photo. The holidays are such a limited time; why waste it worrying about the glare in your photographs? 

LASIK will solve problems if you don’t like how you look in glasses, have indentations on your nose, or have irritated eyes from your contacts. LASIK gives you visual freedom, so you can take all the pictures you want this holiday season and not have to worry about your eyes. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to parties and not feel self-conscious about wearing glasses in pictures?

Spend Time by the Fire

If you wear contacts and want to spend time with your friends or family gathered around the fire, that can be an uncomfortable experience. Smoke can cause your eyes to get dry or tiny particles could get on your hands and then get stuck under your contacts if you touch your eyes. 

Getting LASIK means that you can enjoy a good book or hang out around the fire without worrying about your eyes getting too dry or irritated from contacts. 

Participate in Winter Sports

There are many outdoor activities around Fort Collins for you to enjoy in the winter, and having clearer vision makes them much better! You can walk around in the cold or ski or snowboard without needing prescription goggles to see clearly. 

Also, you can watch a hockey game or go ice skating and not have to worry about glasses falling off. They may seem like small things, but they can make a big difference when you want to get outside and have fun!

Are you ready to get LASIK? Enjoy everything that Denver has to offer by booking your LASIK consultation at Cutarelli Vision in Fort Collins, CO, to find out if LASIK may be right for you!