Posted on: 10/8/21

Lasik Surgery

Are you preparing before having LASIK? Do you want advice before you undergo the procedure? LASIK is a popular procedure that also has a very high success rate. Like any surgical procedure, it also comes with a recovery process. Keep reading to find out some of the best tips to follow after having LASIK!

Immediately After LASIK

While you are getting ready to leave the surgery center, you will be given a pair of goggles or eye shields. It is very important that you wear them until your LASIK surgeon tells you not to while sleeping. They will keep you from touching your eyes or rubbing them in the middle of the night.

Have Someone Drive You Home

After getting LASIK, you are not allowed to drive yourself home. A few days before, arrange to have a friend or family member drive you to and from the procedure. This way, you can ensure that you’ll get home safely.

Do Not Touch Your Eyes

This is the most important factor for having a good recovery process. During the first week after having LASIK, avoid touching your eyes as much as possible.

It’s the only way they can heal. Your eyes might feel a bit uncomfortable, dry, or scratchy as they recover, so you may have the urge to rub them! But don’t do it, because it could lead to complications.


Relaxation and rest are two of the best ways to let your eyes heal after LASIK. Sleep is the time when your body works to heal on its own.

This is the only time when this process happens. Even though LASIK is a common procedure, patients need to relax and take time to recover.

Go to Your Follow-Up Appointments

The day after your LASIK procedure and through the next several months, you need to attend a series of follow-up appointments. They allow your eye doctor the ability to check the status of your recovery.

If there are any problems, they can find them early on and treat them. By following the provided instructions and attending your follow-up appointments, it will lead to a smoother recovery process.

Use Your Prescription Eye Drops

One component of the instructions you’ll need to follow is using your prescription eye drops. Remember before you use the eye drops, you need to clean your hands before touching your eyes. Having clean hands while using eye drops will help prevent post-surgery infections.

Have a Clean Environment

Like having clean hands, you need to stay in clean environments after you have LASIK. This means that you have to avoid being in dusty or smoky rooms or places with fumes like laboratories, darkrooms, etc.

No Make-Up

During the first week after LASIK, you should not wear makeup. It helps your eyes remain clean and bacteria-free.

Wear Sunglasses

During your recovery, your eyes might be more sensitive to light. If you are going to be inside or outside in bright areas, you should wear sunglasses.

No Impact Sports

For the first two weeks, you cannot go swimming, in a hot tub, or complete strenuous workouts. Also, during the first month of recovery, you are not allowed to play any impact sports.

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