Posted on: 10/9/18

Lasik Surgery

People frequently visit our clinic after previously being told LASIK vision correction is not an option for them.

This could be for a number of reasons including:

  • Thin corneas
  • High prescription
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Age
  • Unstable prescription
  • Irregular corneas
  • Keratoconus
  • Cataracts

Even if told you are not a LASIK candidate, we encourage you to still visit our office for a 2nd opinion. In many cases we discover that these patients were incorrectly told they are not candidates or we find an alternative vision correction surgery which suites them better.

Some patients have asked ‘why am I a candidate for a vision correction surgery at Cutarelli Vision, but not at that other place?’ There are several possibilities including:

  • Newer and more advanced lasers at Cutarelli Vision
  • Dr. Cutarelli’s ability to perform many different types of laser procedures
  • Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL)
  • Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)
  • Lasers that preserve more corneal thickness
  • Lifetime adjustments
  • Treatment options for keratoconus
  • Ability to perform cataract surgery

Dr. Cutarelli is both a refractive surgeon and corneal specialist, which enables him to treat many additional types of eyes that other surgery centers cannot. Additionally, Cutarelli Vision has many different types of lasers that most surgery centers do not have access to. For very nearsighted persons not eligible for LASIK, an implantable contact lens may be placed in the eye to correct vision. For very farsighted persons not eligible for LASIK, refractive lens exchange is an excellent option.

For these reasons, we encourage you to still visit our office for a FREE LASIK consultation as we strive to do anything and everything we can to improve your vision and decrease your dependency on glasses and contact lenses!

By: Dr. Kaleb Abbott