Posted on: 08/29/17

Lasik Surgery

As an athlete, LASIK can help improve your performance.

If you’re an athlete and want to improve your vision without having to wear glasses all the time, LASIK could prove to be the solution. When you can see better, your athletic performance will improve, and this is crucial no matter what sport you play. This could make all the difference in how much you’re able to accomplish on the field or court. Athletes who have made the choice to get LASIK eye surgery include LeBron James, Derek Fisher, Tiger Woods, Fred Funk, Tiki Barber and Vijay Singh. If the procedure has helped these prominent sports figures improve their eyesight and help them make huge accomplishments in their sports, it may do the same for you.

Once you decide that you want to have LASIK, it’s best to give yourself all the time you need to recover. Don’t start playing sports again too soon. Give yourself time to get used to your vision so you maintain your coordination while playing. If you had a higher prescription for glasses or contacts, your recovery time after LASIK will likely be faster. If you had a lower prescription, it could take you about eight hours to start seeing significant improvement in your vision. If you need to take a few days or weeks to fully adjust to your new vision, don’t feel rushed. Just follow the doctor’s orders for recovery and don’t put too much strain on your eyes. This increases the chances the surgery will have long-lasting effects.

Remember that on the day you get LASIK, you’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you home from the doctor’s office. You may also need to rest for about 15 minutes immediately following the procedure to help your eyes heal. As part of the recovery process, you may be given special eye shields or large sunglasses to wear for about a week after you’ve had the procedure.

Keep in mind that about a half-hour after you’ve had LASIK, the numbing drops used during the process will start to wear off. Your eyes may burn or sting, but it’s very important not to rub them because this could cause more irritation. For about a day after the surgery, you may also notice that your eyes will have small red spots or become bloodshot. These are normal symptoms to experience after LASIK and will subside in a day or two. Then, you can get back to training and excel in your sport of choice. The doctor will prescribe you drops that will prevent your eyes from becoming infected, as well as steroid and lubricating eye drops. Be sure to use these as directed to keep your eyes from getting too dry or becoming infected.

You’ll likely be able to return to playing sports a day or two after getting LASIK. However, it’s best to take it easy since it’s common to experience some eye irritation and itching. Some people describe it as feeling as if there is an eyelash in your eye. This should subside after a few days.

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