Posted on: 02/14/17

Lasik Surgery

Taking off your glasses and never needing them again is true freedom! LASIK eye surgery can give you that freedom. Imagine being able to open your eyes and see the world more clearly. Thanks to LASIK it is possible. LASIK eye surgery is virtually pain-free and minimally invasive. Before you schedule your surgery make sure you have time to recover. Even minor surgery affects your whole body. If you are sensitive to pain, you will want to take extra care. Though most patients feel only mild discomfort, everyone reacts differently to pain. Below are some helpful tips for recovery.

Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes.

Your eyes may be a bit uncomfortable after the procedure. Do not touch your eyes afterward, though it may be challenging. You may wish to wear goggles, to avoid unconsciously rubbing them.

Keep your follow-up appointments.

The day following your LASIK procedure, you will have a checkup. For the next few months, your doctor shall monitor your progress. For best long-term results, follow your doctor’s advice to the letter.

Take it easy.

Driving immediately following LASIK surgery is not allowed. Expect to take a few days off work or school, even though you feel fine. Ease your way back into your normal routine slowly. Get your vision correct at Cutarelli Vision and get back to work the next day!

Rest your whole body at least two days. Avoid reading, computer work, electronic devices, television or vigorous activity. Your doctor may even recommend a long nap following the procedure. When you sleep, your body heals.

Luxuriate with a bath.

Bypass the shower at first.  A bath is recommended. Do not splash water into your face. Avoid any soap or water from entering your eyes. Furthermore, pat dry your face. No rubbing your eyes or around the edges.

Use eye drops as recommended.

Your doctor will prescribe eye drops. The drops help the healing process and ensure the best results. Using them at specific times of day may be inconvenient. But without lubrication, your cornea may experience irritation. Follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Play no sports.

Whether you play contact sports or not, you need a break from the games. Even casual injuries to your eyes may be caustic. So for about a month, you will want your sports equipment to remain in the closet. Shun any water sports, even swimming with goggles. Avoid visiting sandy or dusty areas. When the wind stirs, you will automatically rub your eyes. Dust or sand in your eyes may cause injuries.

Wear eye protection.

Your doctor will recommend the type of eyewear you should use. You will want to shield your eyes for at least two weeks. Also, avoid driving in a convertible. Even with goggles, you should not risk injury to your precious orbs.

Dim light is recommended.

You will be light sensitive for the first few days, even inside. Your eyes are fragile after LASIK surgery. Treat them with care and they will recuperate properly. Ask your doctor if you should wear sunglasses indoors initially. Avoid bright lights and direct sun.

Make it all about you!

Rest and relax. We really cannot say it enough. Your recovery period will be shortened. At Cutarelli Vision, we want you to experience the full benefits of LASIK surgery.

Our blog posts contain more helpful tips and information. Feel free to read them. Contact us today with any questions you have about LASIK surgery and recovery. We are here to help you.