Posted on: 03/10/22

Lasik Surgery

LASIK is an investment in your future that goes beyond dollars and cents. Your well-being, peace of mind, and ease of living will increase after LASIK.

Keep reading to learn what you’re really getting with the cost of LASIK!

The Cost of Wearing Glasses

There’s nothing wrong with wearing glasses, but they can come with some frustrations that may make your life more complicated than it needs to be. For one thing, their cost can add up quickly!

The price of glasses depends on where they’re purchased. You’ll also need an eye exam, which adds more to your total. On average, did you know that buying glasses can cost you several hundreds of dollars every year?

That doesn’t consider how much they could cost you if you need to buy a backup pair due to losing glasses or needing to replace them.

If you wear glasses, you may see them as a fashion accessory. There can be an emotional cost to wearing them as well.

You may stress out about scratching or breaking your lenses or frames. Although they are part of your every day, they may make you feel self-conscious.

Eyeglasses are inconvenient, especially during bad weather. They may get foggy when you go between hot and cold places or when it’s humid.

If you get caught in the rain, you can’t even see. Like being active? Glasses can hold you back there as well.

Sports can become more challenging, including swimming. Even if you’re only wearing glasses while reading or on the computer, they are easy to lose. Spending time looking for them is time you could have spent getting work done.

The Cost of Wearing Contact Lenses

More things make contacts attractive, but they can still be frustrating to wear regularly. Contact lenses can cost you time and money, whether it’s increased costs or causing irritation.

If you wear glasses and contact lenses, you may already know the financial cost of wearing them. Contacts alone can cost you several hundred dollars every year. If you wear contacts regularly, you also have to maintain them.

Needing contacts regularly may result in increased fees due to shipping or expediting your order. It adds up fast!

While contacts can offer a lot of freedom, the one thing you cannot do is fall asleep in them. Doing this is an easy way of damaging your eyes or harming them.

Taking your contacts out every day and having a fresh pair ready may be part of your routine, but it takes time. Weekly or monthly disposables are the same.

Making sure you have a supply of disposable contacts on hand to avoid running out can be stressful. You’re advised not to swim, shower, or rub your eyes while wearing contacts, which adds to your inconvenience.

What About LASIK?

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with the frustrations that come with using visual aids, LASIK may be the answer you’re looking for. The key is that you have to qualify for it.

While it may seem expensive, LASIK saves you money over time. Most LASIK patients are happy with their vision. Imagine no longer needing your glasses and enjoying the freedom of corrected vision.

You’ll save time by not searching for your glasses, save money by not buying a new pair each year, and you’ll feel more confident in every aspect of your life.

After LASIK, you can swim, play sports, run in the rain and snow, take a midday nap, fall asleep in front of the TV, and never have to worry about your glasses or contacts again. LASIK makes every day easier.

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