Posted on: 04/7/22

Lasik Surgery

In a state filled with breathtaking scenery and attractions, Colorado Springs is at the base of Pike’s Peak and at the top of the list of must-visit cities. While it’s Colorado’s second-largest city, what makes it famous is the stunning natural beauty of the landscape.

Maybe you’ve been to Colorado Springs many times before. Perhaps you’re a lifelong resident.

But once you have LASIK surgery, you’ll see Colorado Springs in a whole new light. After LASIK, your vision won’t be held back by the clunky frames of glasses or compromised by concerns over wearing contacts. Your views will be grand, sweeping, and expansive, and you’ll be caught up in the splendor of this incredible American city of the West.

Imagine what you might capture: in words, in photos, on Instagram, or TikTok when you take Colorado Springs by storm. Because how can you stay at home when you’ve got a whole new world to see with your newly improved vision?

Keep reading to learn how to take Colorado Springs by storm after you have LASIK!

1. Pike’s Peak

Drive-up via Pike’s Peak Highway, a scenic 19-mile mountain road. Take The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway up if you’d rather sit back and enjoy the views.

Did you know it’s the highest in the world? Your sharper and clear vision at the summit will give you a complete view of the 360-degree panorama over five states: Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado.

2. Garden of the Gods

It’s free, it’s stunning, and it’s aptly named. Throughout the Garden of the Gods, the red sandstone formations look otherworldly and are even more jaw-dropping in the golden hours after sunrise and right before sunset.

Add in the green of the ancient cypresses against the red rocks, and your eyes will pop at the color contrast you see around you. The best part? Everything will look crisp and clear, thanks to LASIK.

3. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

At this family-friendly zoo, go eye-to-eye with the animals, especially the giraffes, which you can hand feed. Don’t fret that their long grey tongues will swipe away your glasses as they search for food.

You’ve had LASIK, meaning you’ve finally achieved visual freedom from visual aids!

4. Manitou Incline

Don’t sweat it now that you’re free of contacts and glasses. Instead, — sweat over the insanely steep climb of the Incline.

This hike of just under a mile in length gains over 2,000 feet of elevation, with an average grade of 45 percent, rising to 65 percent. It’s only 2,768 steps. With LASIK saving you from slipping glasses or stinging contacts due to sweat pouring down your face, you are up to the challenge!

5. Glen Eyrie Castle

If your speed is more Bridgerton or Downtown Abbey than hiking, this historic home built by Colorado Springs founder General William Jackson Palmer is open for tours and midday tea.

And once you’re back home, the convenience of LASIK continues. From early mornings free of contact lens concerns or reaching for your glasses to cooking, working out, and even chilling with Netflix, you can relax, knowing your vision is one less thing to obsess over.

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