Posted on: 09/21/23

Lasik Surgery

Fall is a season of change and a perfect time to choose LASIK surgery. For the millions of patients who’ve had LASIK vision correction since it gained FDA approval, many people have been able to significantly reduce their reliance on prescription glasses and contacts.

So, as you get out your sweaters, jackets, and cold-weather gear, think about how LASIK might be able to improve your quality of life this fall. Keep reading to learn why LASIK is the best way to prepare for fall!

Freedom for Fall Activities

With fall comes seasonal weather like rain and the chance of snow. If you wear glasses, you know that if you engage in fall activities, sometimes fogging water droplets can force you to stop and wipe your lenses. 

Additionally, dry winter environments can cause contact lenses to feel uncomfortable. LASIK’s sucessful track record of vision correction means you’ll participate in fall activities with greater enjoyment.

Reduce Your Dependence on Glass and Contact Lenses

Getting LASIK this fall means less reliance on visual aids. You’ll have fewer worries about contact lens care, carrying a spare pair if you need them in an emergency, or having your glasses with you if you need to take them out.

If you wear prescription lenses, you’ll be free from concerns over scratching or breakage of lenses or frames. 

See Clearly at Night

With each day growing shorter, wouldn’t you like better night vision? LASIK can help you see better at night, with fewer halos and glare spots that used to be associated with laser surgery. 

Seeing clearly for night driving or even hanging out with friends late into the evening is that much easier with LASIK.

Recover Quickly

LASIK’s quick recovery time means that even if you’ve used up all your vacation time over the summer, you can schedule your laser surgery and be able to return to work in a day or two. Plus, you’ll be fully healed by the time the holidays roll around.

Save Money

Replacing your prescription glasses or contact lenses can be costly over the long haul. LASIK may seem expensive, but it’s a long-term investment in you and your eyesight. 

The payback in savings, your improved sense of self, and increased confidence is a return on investment that you will enjoy for years to come. 

Reduce Discomfort When Indoors

Indoor air environments get drier over the fall and winter. Heated air, less humidity, and indoor smoke can cause discomfort for contact lens wearers, drying out your eyes and irritating them. 

With LASIK, you can avoid all that discomfort, whether you’re working in an office setting or sitting by the fireplace.

Boost Self-Confidence

By removing any worries about glasses or contact lenses, LASIK vision-correction surgery not only improves your vision but also has the side effect of increasing your self-confidence. We’d all like to get a leg up in our professional and personal lives, and having good vision is a step in that direction. 

Why start your day fumbling with glasses or contacts when you can get out of bed, see the world clearly, and launch into your day? LASIK can double as a self-confidence boost!

Enjoy Carefree Travel

While you may have planned your vacations this summer, fall is a time of spontaneous opportunities, and it’s easier to travel without contacts or glasses. LASIK gives you greater freedom just to pick up and go.

You’re carrying a lighter load since you are not isn’t dependent on visual aids. This fall, see what you’ve been missing!

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