Posted on: 05/29/20

Lasik Surgery

Are you trying to think of ways that you can enjoy summer in Boulder more? Are you tired of glasses getting in your way?

Now is the time to get LASIK! LASIK will improve your life.

Most importantly, you can say goodbye to worrying about your glasses and contacts! Keep reading for 7 ways LASIK makes summer in Boulder better!

1. Enjoy the Flatirons

Flatiron Mountains

If you love hiking, then you may already know how beautiful the Flatirons are. But have you ever experienced them without glasses or contacts?

Visual aids are great but they can hold you back. The Flatirons are truly stunning and are a gorgeous place for hiking.

When you get LASIK, you can see the beautiful reddish-brown sandstone with your own eyes. You can finally hike or rock climb without worrying about your glasses!

Wear contacts? You know they can dry out when you are trying to take part in physical activities.

But this is no longer an issue after LASIK because you won’t need contact lenses anymore! LASIK will let you enjoy the Flatirons the way you want to.

2. Relish the Craft Beer Scene

craft beer on a rock ledge

Say goodbye to glasses and taste beer with all your senses. It sounds funny but there is an amazing craft brewery scene in Boulder.

Craft beer is obviously better than what you’ll find from mainstream brands. You need full awareness of all your senses to fully appreciate it!

Why get distracted by how uncomfortable your glasses are when you could get LASIK? LASIK makes everything better! Yes, even Boulder’s craft beer scene.

Go check out Oskar Blues’ new taproom on Pearl Street or their Longmont taproom. The Longmont taproom is pretty dope!

There are 2 different restaurants that serve things like burgers and chorizo tacos. Chorizo tacos!

Can you imagine how beautiful a chorizo taco could look? So much better after LASIK, that’s for sure!

3. Instagram Your Way Through Boulder’s Food Scene

Boulder, Colorado food scene

Consider yourself a foodie? Boulder is a city you need to explore and eat your way through! There are plenty of diverse and unique hot spots to try.

But when you wear glasses and try to Instagram your meal, the struggle is real. You want that perfect angle but your glasses won’t stop sliding down your nose!

It’s distracting, annoying, and not necessary! After you have LASIK, eat at Santo, run by Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg for New Mexican cuisine that will blow your mind!

4. Take a Dip in the Boulder Reservoir

Boulder, Colorado Reservoir

Do you love the outdoors and want to take a dip? Unfortunately, glasses and contacts are not the best mixes for this.

The good news is that after you recover, LASIK makes that problem disappear. Get LASIK and then you can enjoy all that the Boulder Reservoir has to offer!

You can go sailing, kayaking, or swimming, and get a small taste of what Boulder has to offer!

5. See A 3D Movie

3D move theater

When the weather is bad, going to a 3D movie can be a great option. But 3D movies are better when you don’t have to wear 3D glasses over your regular glasses and then get a headache.

You know you’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. LASIK makes it easier to wear 3D glasses and enjoy the movies.

6. Go to the Beach

People on beach

Going on vacation is fun, especially if you’re going to a beautiful beach. But the problem is that beaches and contact lenses do not mix.

Getting LASIK lets you enjoy the beach. You no longer have to think about sand getting stuck under your contacts.

You don’t even need to worry about breaking your glasses and dealing with the expense! Instead, you can enjoy your vacation in peace.

7. Summer Bonfires Become More Fun

Bonfire in Boulder, Colorado

Ready to host a bonfire? Bonfires are great unless you’re wearing glasses or contacts.

Smoke irritates your eyes. If you’re wearing contacts, this could cause your contacts to dry out and get irritated. Get LASIK to make bonfires more enjoyable!

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